Kai Forbath Kai Forbath second blocked field goal attempt of the game against the Chargers. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

A pair of blocked field goals proved perplexing to place kicker Kai Forbath. The second-year kicker and Coach Mike Shanahan both said they needed to go back and look at video to get an idea of what went wrong.

Forbath, who last season made 17 of 18 field goal attempts, entered Sunday’s game having made four of six attempts this season. But the second-year player hadn’t had a kick blocked in his NFL career.

But on Sunday, Forbath lined up for a 25-yarder and had it blocked at the line by defensive lineman Lawrence Guy.

Normally kicks from that range have better elevation, so the fact that the ball came off Forbath’s foot that low was cause for questioning.

“We haven’t really gotten to see film yet, but we will this week and will get it corrected,” Forbath said.

He declined to go into detail over whether or not he suspected that the hold or his own approach were primarily to blame.

“I’ll see it more on film,” Shanahan said. “But the guy that blocked it was on the line. That should never happen. There should be more elevation on the kick.”

Then, at the end of the first half, Forbath lined up for a 59-yard field, but that too got blocked at the line.

“The 59-yarder, you have to drive that,” Forbath said. “We didn’t have the wind helping us at all, so you have to keep it low and give it all you got.”

Forbath made his final attempt of the game  a 47-yarder in the fourth quarter  to put Washington up, 24-14.

“After all that, I was just glad to make the last one,” Forbath said. “That was a good feeling. I just cleared my mind from what happened before and I have to be here to perform when we need it.”

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