Kyle Shanahan says Robert Griffin III, above, can be a “great” passer (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

According to Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, quarterback Robert Griffin III can be a “great” pocket passer. But Shanahan also says he doesn’t necessarily want to see Griffin attempt to emulate Peyton Manning or Tom Brady because his game has other facets to it.

“Robert’s a great player,” Shanahan said this week when asked about Griffin as a pocket passer. “He was a great college player and he’s a great NFL player. I want Robert to be Robert and I don’t want him to be Peyton Manning. I want him to be Robert. What’s good about Robert is he’s capable of having qualities like Peyton Manning. He can be a great passer. He already is a good thrower. He is at times really good in the pass game. But he hasn’t had those reps since he was 6 years old like somebody like Peyton has.

“Robert’s always been able to run. He’s always been able to get away from trouble. And when you can do that your entire life and make plays, you don’t have to sit in there as much and throw. But Robert’s more than capable of being it. He’s more than capable of being a great thrower. And the more he works at that, he can be as well rounded and have more weapons than anybody does.”

According to Shanahan, Griffin has a better chance to be able to do what Manning and Brady do than they have of being able to do what Griffin does.

“I don’t think someone like Peyton or Tom Brady and stuff can say, ‘Hey, if I just keep working on my zone-read, maybe I can have a little bit of Robert’s game, too,’ ” Shanahan said. “They have no choice. They have to be what they are. Robert has a choice and he can win a game with his legs. He can win it with his [arm]. And the more he plays, the more situations he gets put in, the more he’ll be capable of being great in all areas. And that’s why I think the ceiling on him is so big.”

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