At 3-7, Redskins get ready for the 49ers

This was a particularly unpalatable loss for the Redskins, who fell to 3-7 with a 24-16 loss to the Eagles in Philadelphia. The loss puts them in a particularly difficult position, with the San Francisco 49ers next up on the rapidly-shrinking schedule. They’ll have an extra day in which to prepare for that game, an extra day in which to ponder what went wrong and why they’ve been so incapable of putting together four decent quarters of football in one game.

They’ll also find out shortly the status of E.J. Biggers, Stephen Bowen, Leonard Hankerson and Jordan Reed — all of whom were injured this week. The first three will have knee MRIs today; Reed suffered a concussion. And Trent Williams’s accusation that a game official used derogatory language toward him during the game will no doubt be investigated by the league.

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RGIII: “It’s tough to swallow something like that”

Robert Griffin III:

“At the end of the day, for us to claw back the way that we did, it sounds cliche and we always talk about character, but the guys in that locker room are family. They fought hard. It’s tough to swallow something like that, but we’ve got to digest it and move on. There’s still games to be played and we’ve got to go play them.”

For whatever reason, the Redskins haven’t been able to put together two good halves of football in the same game.

“It just takes us going out there and doing it. I think we had negative four yards passing in the first half or something like that and that just can’t happen. We’ve got to just be better. I know we say it time and time again, but there’s just no other way to say it. Players make plays and coaches have got to coach. We’ve just got to make it happen.”

RGIII admitted that, particularly in the first half, “they had us schemed up pretty good.”

“The game of football at any level is tough when you’re losing. You have to make sure this game doesn’t make a coward of you.”

Trent Williams accuses ref of derogatory comments

Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams accused a game official of calling him derogatory names during the Redskins’ loss in Philadelphia.

“When you have a ref come up to while you’re at the line about to run a play and call you, excuse my language, but a ‘garbage [expletive] disrespectful [expletive’ to me this is a player’s league,” said Williams (via CBS). “I just don’t think there’s no room for you to have to take that from the team and the refs. I think it’s very unprofessional and it [stinks]. I’m at a loss for words. You never expect that as a player going into a game to have to beef with the refs also.”

Kory Lichtensteiger, according to Rob Carlin of CSN Washington, backed up Williams’s claim. The ref, according to Williams, was umpire Roy Ellison.

Ryan Kerrigan: “We’re bummed” but “who knows what can happen”

“Obviously we’re bummed right now,” Ryan Kerrigan told Rob Carr of CSN Washington. “We dug ourselves a hole and we fought back and were almost able to tie it up. We just ran out of time and that’s unfortunate but we’ve still got six games left and who knows what can happen. We’ve just got to focus on getting one win.”

Shanahan: “I’ve got a lot of belief in our football team”

After a dispiriting 24-16 loss in which the Redskins fell to 3-7, Mike Shanahan wasn’t going to do what he did a year ago: say it was time to start evaluating players. Instead, he said:

“I think what you really do is you keep on trying to prove yourself. You can’t lose perspective … I thought we did some great things in the second half. I’ve got a lot of belief in our football team. Our guys fought Our guys fought extremely hard when they were down. A lot of people don’t fight that hard. We made too many mistakes to win. Credit to them. They got the job done and we didn’t.”

The team will have an extra day to prepare for the San Francisco 49ers.

“We’re all judged by winning and losing so it’s disappointing. Any time you don’t win, you’re always tough on yourself and that’s what we’ll do.”


Shanahan: Injury updates

The MRI machine will be busy today. Mike Shanahan ran down the injury list after the game: E.J. Biggers (meniscus), Stephen Bowen (cartilage) and Leonard Hankerson (possible LCL) will have their knees examined. Jordan Reed has a concussion.


Twitter on that throw

Consensus: “why?”

Redskins lose, 24-16, fall to 3-7

The Washington Redskins’ fourth-quarter comeback falls short when Robert Griffin III’s pass is intercepted in the end zone with 32 seconds to play. The Redskins drop to 3-7. Griffin finished with 264 passing yards and two touchdowns and 44 rushing yards on 10 carries. Alfred Morris added 93 yards on 22 carries.

RGIII intercepted with 32 seconds left

Robert Griffin III heaves a pass into the end zone that Brandon Boykin intercepts with 32 second left in regulation.

Redskins use final timeout

Robert Griffin III completes a nine-yard pass to Pierre Garcon to set up third and one with 40 seconds to go.

Garcon makes first-down catch

Robert Griffin III completes a 17-yard pass to Pierre Garcon to the Eagles 27 for a first down with 54 seconds to play.

Redskins bailed out by defensive holding

Robert Griffin III is tackled while scrambling, but Najee Goode is called for holding. First down Redskins at midfield.

Redskins convert on third and 25

Robert Griffin III throw a strike to Santana Moss for 28 yards on third and 25. First down Redskins at their 48.

Twitter on Garcon’s penalty

Final two-minute warning

The Redskins will face third down and 25 from their 17 when play resumes. Washington has scored the last 16 points in a row to get within 24-16.

Garcon called for grasping facemask

Pierre Garcon has his hand on Kerry Williams’ facemask and gets assessed a 15-yard personal foul. Second and 25 for the Redskins.

Redskins on the move

Washington converts a third and 10 with a Griffin to Santana Moss pass. First and 10 and their own 32.

Jones punts 70 yards for Eagles

Redskins returner Nick Williams doesn’t field the punt, and Redskins have the ball at their 4 with 3:26 to go.

Shanahan should challenge

Redskins challenging spot

Nick Foles ran for what officials called a first down, but Mike Shanahan throws a challenge flag. Foles’ knee appeared to touch hit the turf before the ball reached the first-down marker.

Aldrick Robinson gives fans hope

RGIII runs for two-point conversion

Robert Griffin III dives into end zone for a two-point conversion, and the Redskins are back in it, 24-16, with 5:57 left in regulation.

Redskins get within 10 points

Robert Griffin III completes a 41-yard touchdown pass to Aldrick Robinson to get within 24-14. Redskins are setting up for a two-point conversion.

Washington Redskins wide receiver Aldrick Robinson pulls in a touchdown pass under pressure from Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Roc Carmichael during the second half. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Redskins force another punt

Washington has first and 10 at its 15 with 8:45 left in regulation. Cornerback David Amerson tackled LeSean McCoy for a loss and then broke up a pass on the next play to force the Eagles to punt.

Twitter on Young’s long TD


Jags’ Jason Babin literally ripped Andre Ellington’s hair out

In case you missed it, this happened today:

Redskins finally reach end zone

Fullback Darrel Young catches a 62-yard touchdown pass from Robert Griffin III with 12:56 left in regulation, then get two-point conversion to draw to 24-8.

Washington Redskins fullback Darrel Young pulls in a touchdown pass as Philadelphia Eagles outside linebacker Trent Cole closes in during the second half. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Ridiculous move by LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy appears to have left his first-half hamstring strain behind, spinning out of a tackle attempt by Ryan Kerrigan for a nine-yard gain.

Here come the conspiracy theories…

Keep calm and…

Redskins turn it over on downs

Robert Griffin III underthrows TE Logan Paulsen wide open in the flat, and the Redskins turn it over on downs.

Redskins trail at end of 3Q, 24-0

LsSean McCoy’s one-yard touchdown run is the only touchdown of the third quarter, putting the Eagles firmly in control, 24-0.

RGIII continues to struggle

Robert Griffin III throws incomplete on third down and now is 7 of 13 for 57 yards. He’s overthrown open receivers several times today.

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III rubs his head as he walks off the field in Philadelphia,. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

RGIII sacked for fourth time

Trent Cole gets to Robert Griffin III to force second down and 16.

Philadelphia Eagles outside linebacker Trent Cole sacks Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III . (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Jordan Reed being evaluated for a concussion

Adding (another) injury to insult.

And now the piling on begins

Eagles add to lead in 3Q, 24-0

LeSean McCoy scores his second one-yard touchdown of the game to put the Eagles ahead, 24-0, with 9:41 left in the third quarter.

Bowen, Hankerson doubtful to return

Knee injuries have both Stephen Bowen and Leonard Hankerson doubtful to return to this game.

Foles moves Eagles to first and goal

Consecutive passes from Nick Foles to DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy to get Philadelphia to the Redskins 4.

McCoy back, Brown converts 4th and 1

Although LeSean McCoy, who looked to be seriously hurt in the second quarter, started the third quarter on the field for the Eagles, Philadelphia used backup Bryce Brown to convert a key fourth and 1.

Eagles convert on fourth down

Bryce Brown carries up the middle for one yard to extend the drive.

Eagles start second half with ball

LeSean McCoy back on the field for the Eagles.

Some first-half Twitter wit

First-half analysis

Once again the Redskins are running the ball well with Alfred Morris, who has 86 yards on 18 carries. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in recent games has given up on the run in the second half, so stay tuned to see if that trend continues. The Redskins have plenty of time to make up the deficit and don’t need to get away from their game plan. Plus ball control is the best way to combat the Eagles’ offense that thrives by getting off as many snaps as possible.

Nick Foles aka Napoleon Dynamite

In case you missed this earlier this week, the Eagles posted pictures of Nick Foles as Napoleon Dynamite. Foles said he saw the resemblance.

Redskins Vs. Eagles – Week 11 from Philadelphia Eagles on Vimeo.

Eagles shutting out Redskins at half

Alfred Morris had 85 yards on 15 carries for the Redskins, who have been able to move the ball but unable to reach the end zone and trail the Eagles at halftime, 17-0. For the Eagles, QB Nick Foles has 198 yards on 7-for-12 passing, but starting RB LeSean McCoy left late in the second quarter with a hamstring injury.

Orakpo sacks Foles late in 2Q

Brian Orakpo drops Nick Foles for Redskins’ second sack of the game. Third and 15 for the Eagles with 17 seconds left until the half.

 Nick Foles (9) passes the ball under pressure from Washington Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo (98). Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

RGIII sacked on third and eight

Trent Cole beats Trent Williams to sack Robert Griffin III. Redskins forced to punt.

Eagles in control at two-minute warning

The Redskins are driving, but with two minutes to play, the Eagles lead 17-0 on touchdown runs by Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy.

Morris gains nine yards

Alfred Morris runs for a tough nine yards, and ball comes out as his elbow hits the ground. Fumble call reversed.

Eagles take 17-0 lead in 2Q

Alex Henery boots a 24-yard field goal to give the Eagles a 17-0 lead with 3:55 left until halftime. Reed Doughty’s open-field tackle on QB Nick Foles prevented the Eagles from getting a first down.

LeSean McCoy down, grabbing hamstring

LeSean McCoy stayed down after that last play and could be seen saying “my hammy!” through a pained grimace. Trainers looking at him as he was surrounded by teammates and even a few Redskins took a knee nearby. McCoy walked off the field, Erin Andrews suggested it wasn’t a cramp, and said he’s going to the locker room to get that hamstring massaged.

Keep an eye on Nick Foles’s arm

Fletcher drops Foles for loss

Eagles facing second and 19 after London Fletcher sacks Nick Foles for a nine-yard loss.

Eagles in the red zone

Eagles RB Bryce Brown takes a screen pass 24-yards to the 19.

Eagles on the move again

Foles completes passes to Riley Cooper and DeSean Jackson to advance to the Redskins 43-yard line.

Prescient Maske?

The Redskins were driving, but on a snap from the 8-yard line, Connor Barwin hit Robert Griffin III, the ball popped loose and Fletcher Cox grabbed it. Instead of 14-7 or 14-3, it’s still 14-0.

RGIII sacked, fumbles

Connor Barwin sacks Robert Griffin III, forcing a fumble. Fletcher Cox recovers.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Fletcher Cox (91) runs back an interception during the second quarter against the Washington Redskins. Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

overs, and Eagles take over. Redskins come away with no points after driving to the 5.

Reed gets Redskins to red zone

Jordan Reed catches a short throw and breaks tackles to the Eagles 8 to set up first and goal.

Twenty-four yard gain for Helu

On third and one, Roy Helu Jr. cuts it outside and gains 24 yards to the Eagles 20.

Heady scramble from RGIII

Robert Griffin III takes off for a nine-yard gain and gets out of bounds.

McCoy puts Eagles up, 14-0

LeSean McCoy finishes off the drive with a one-yard run up the middle. Eagles lead 14-0 with 14:31 left in the second quarter.

 Running back LeSean McCoy #25 of the Philadelphia Eagles dunks the ball over the goal post after scoring a first half touchdown against the Washington Redskins. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Foles’s screen to Celek

It might not end up being a TD, but here was the reaction on Twitter:

Eagles have first and goal at the 1

Brent Celek’s knee was ruled down, so Eagles have ball at the 1.

Patrick Chung bit his tongue

Philadelphia’s Patrick Chung is probable to return with a “throat injury” and apparently bit his tongue. Woah.

 Quarterback Robert Griffin III #10 of the Washington Redskins eludes the tackle of free safety Patrick Chung #23 of the Philadelphia Eagles during the first quarter. Chung left the game after the play. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Celek runs by Redskins defense

Eagles TE Brent Celek catches a screen pass and takes it 43 yards for an apparent touchdown. Play is being reviewed to see if Celek’s knee was down at the 1.

Strong safety Reed Doughty #37 of the Washington Redskins tackles tight end Brent Celek #87 of the Philadelphia Eagles after catching a second quarter pass. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Josh Wilson’s back

We previously reported (about two seconds ago) that he was being evaluated for a concussion. Must have passed the test.

Josh Wilson may have concussion

Josh Wilson out and being evaluated for a concussion

Redskins trail Eagles after 1Q

Nick Foles’s four-yard touchdown run is the difference so far. Foles has thrown for 83 yards and rushed for 18. Alfred Morris has 35 yards on nine carries for Washington.

On Kerrigan covering McCoy

Foles puts Eagles ahead, 7-0, in 1Q

Quarterback Nick Foles scores on a four-yard touchdown run after faking a handoff to LeSean McCoy to give the Eagles a 7-0 lead with 2:48 left in the first half.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) gets a touchdown during the first quarter. John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Foles completes deep pass to McCoy

LeSean McCoy breaks away from coverage by linebacker Ryan Kerrigan to catch a 49-yard pass down the right sideline to the Redskins 4,

RGIII sacked

Najee Goode sackes Robert Griffin III for a six-yard loss. Third and 13 for Washington.

Update: Biggers cleared to return

RGIII scrambles for first down, slides

Robert Griffin III runs for a first down and slides sideways. Still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of sliding forward.

Biggers questionable to return

E.J. Biggers’ return is questionable after suffering a right knee injury.

Redskins pinned deep in own territory

Eagles’ Donnie Jones punts inside 5, where Eagles save ball from going into end zone and down it at the 2.

Biggers hits Jackson high

Eagles get a 19-yard completion to DeSean Jackson, and safety E.J. Biggers is called for a hit to the helmet.

This is not available in the Redskins’ online store…

but maybe it should be.

RGIII misses wide open Logan Paulsen

Redskins TE Logan Paulsen was running free in the flat with no one in front of him, but Robert Griffin III overthrew him badly. Big missed opportunity there.

LeSean McCoy rips down Redskins banner

First, the Redskins’ bus gets egged, now this? Who knew Philly could be so unforgiving…? (everyone.)

Eagles called for roughing the passer

But Pierre Garcon limps off the field on the next play after carrying on an end around.

Redskins begin with the ball

RGIII throws incomplete on first down.

What the Helu?

Washington Redskins running back Roy Helu (29) does a ball drill prior to the Redskins game against the Eagles. (Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

Field choppy in Philly

Sounds like the turf at the Linc is still recovering from Temple’s failed upset bid against UCF yesterday.

A few pics from warmups

Washington Redskins outside linebacker Brian Orakpo (98) jogs the field prior to action against the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

Just me, or does Meriweather look like he’s considering whether to catch this ball or headbutt it…?

Washington Redskins strong safety Brandon Meriweather (31) warms up prior to game action against the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)


Perspective on healthy scratch of Josh Morgan

LeSean McCoy in a Raiders vest

Maybe the other 31 were in the wash?

Josh Morgan inactive vs. Eagles

Josh Morgan is tackled by Ladarius Green of the San Diego Chargers during the second half of the Redskins 30-24 overtime win at FedExField on November 3, 2013. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Receiver Josh Morgan headlines this week’s inactive list. The free-agent-to-be has seen his touches and snaps dwindle this season — he’s only had 11 catches so far — but being listed as officially inactive, rather than just uninvolved, is a new low.

Morgan said earlier this week he “didn’t do anything to lose his job,” but for now at least, he seems to have lost it anyway.

Also inactive for the Redskins: Rex Grossman, Jose Gumbs, Brandon Jenkins, Josh LeRibeus, Fred Davis, Chris Neild.

Michael Vick, Bradley Fletcher and Mychal Kendricks are among the Eagles’ most notable inactives for today’s game.

Redskins bus egged

Ah, Philly.

Chris Baker reports that the Redskins’ bus was the target of a few egg-throwers as it made its way to the Linc today. As egging goes, this looks fairly minor.


Surprising RGIII stat

If you haven’t already heard it, this should bolster your optimism (or make that 3-6 record even more frustrating…): Robert Griffin III has thrown for the most yards (2,490) through nine games of any Washington QB in the Super Bowl Era. (As tweeted by Comcast Sportsnet).

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III reacts on the field before the Redskins game against the Minnesota Vikings, Thursday, Nov. 7 in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)

Chip Kelly might be lost.

Maybe the Eagles’ coach was running the stairs?

No home-field advantage in Philly


If the NFC playoffs started today…

Of course, they don’t but …

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