Pierre Garcon, shown here in the third quarter, was less than pleased after the Redskins lost to the Eagles. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Wide receiver Pierre Garcon was in a less than accommodating mood toward reporters following the Washington Redskins’ loss Sunday in Philadelphia.

When media members crowded around fellow wideout Santana Moss at the locker next to Garcon’s, Garcon loudly urged that the interview session be moved to a different place or ended quickly. A Redskins official cut off the questioning of Moss soon thereafter.

Garcon later was asked if he was available to comment on the game and said, “Nah, I’m injured.” Soon after that, he walked across the locker room to the trainer’s room, asked for head trainer Larry Hess and said, “Where’s Larry? Put me on the injury report. Ankle.”

Later, team officials said that Garcon would be available to speak to reporters outside the locker room. Standing in a hallway, he spoke to media members for a little more than a minute. Most of Garcon’s answers were brief. When asked whether his ankle hurt, he said: “Very much.”

Asked about dealing with the team’s struggles, Garcon said in one of his more expansive responses: “Keep playing. It’s football. Go out there. Go to practice. Practice hard. Watch film. Play the game and do it all over.”

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