Pierre Garcon was one of the players that was closest to the ball that was picked off in the end zone versus Philadelphia. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Wide receiver Pierre Garcon said he didn’t take any offense to Robert Griffin III blaming his game-losing interception partially on the fact that none of his pass-catchers got open.

The turnover came on a third-and-one play from the Eagles’ 18-yard line with 40 seconds left.

Griffin came under pressure and threw the ball toward the end zone while falling away from a defender.

After the game, explaining his thinking, he said, “We had a certain concept we were running and nobody got open so I was backing up, and in the situation where you get a sack there, it ends the game. I was trying to throw the ball to the back of the end zone. It didn’t get to where I wanted it to go.”

Garcon was one of the players closest to the ball that Philadelphia cornerback Brandon Boykin picked off in the end zone. Fellow wide receiver Santana Moss said he believed that Griffin as one of the team’s leaders should not have aired the problems with the play, and that he should’ve just said he had the ball in his hands at the end of the game and didn’t make the play.

But Garcon didn’t find fault with Griffin’s statement.

“I couldn’t care less what nobody says,” Garcon said. “I just have to do my job whether they say good things or bad things. Doesn’t faze me. I’ve heard it all before.”

Garcon also said he has no problem with Griffin’s leadership skills.

“Yeah, there’s good leadership in this locker room. It’s the same guys, same players. Leadership is good. Just not winning games,” said the team’s leading receiver. “We just have to try to find a way to win.”

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