This might not be a bad call that affected a game, but last season’s DeAngelo Hall run-in with officials in Pittsburgh was a bad moment. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

My buddy Dan is the biggest fan I know of two things. One is the HBO comedy “Eastbound and Down.” The other is the New England Patriots.

Dan had told me he planned to watch the series finale of Eastbound on his DVR on Tuesday morning, so I texted him around noon to see what he thought of the episode.

“I couldn’t even laugh,” came his sullen reply. “The Pats got robbed. I’m not in the mood.”

While I told my friend nobody was going to shed any tears for the New England Patriots and left it at that, it’s easy to understand his angst.

New England’s Monday night loss to Carolina ended when a flag was thrown for pass interference on the final play, only to be picked up with no immediate explanation.

It certainly appeared that Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly bearhugged Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and prevented him from getting to the spot where Robert Lester intercepted the pass, but no penalty was called and that decision was later upheld by the league.

The Redskins had their own issue with officials this week, but at least nobody ever lost a game by being called a “garbage-(expletive), disrespectful mother (expletive).

In fact  and I’m sure I’ll read about it in the comments section if I’m wrong  I can’t recall off the top of my head or off the top of any Google searches a Redskins game that was so directly affected by a controversial call.

Maybe you have a better memory.

With officials under scrutiny this week for calling penalties, for not calling penalties and for allegedly calling Trent Williams unprintable names, it seems like a good time for a referee question to kick off Thursday morning.

What is the most controversial call you remember affecting the outcome of a Redskins game for better or for worse?

Leave your comments below.

Greg Schimmel is an editor who contributes his NFL insights to Opening Kick on Thursdays. Follow him on Twitter at @Greg_Schimmel.

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