Robert Griffin III. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III echoed his coach, Mike Shanahan, the day after an NFL Network report claimed that he had requested that his negative plays not be shown during film review sessions.

“It’s false. That’s why I didn’t respond to it, because it’s no need to respond to untrue things,” Griffin said following the Redskins’ loss to the 49ers. “It’s what coach said it was, ‘completely false.’ People trying to character assassinate me, and it’s unfortunate.”

Shanahan on Sunday promptly responded to inquiries on the report, which speculated that Griffin was dissatisfied with his coaches and that he had made the request regarding the showing negative plays on tape.

Shanahan said, “That’s completely false. Robert would never do that.”

Griffin didn’t respond to inquiries on Sunday about the validity of the report because he wanted to remain focused on his preparation for Monday night’s game.

Griffin on Monday night was asked about how he gauges whether or not he has made strides in his development, and he said, “you put on film and you watch the film and make sure you did all you could on each play. That never happens. No one is ever perfect, but as long as you’re making strides and getting better at the little things you know you can do, that’s all you can take out of it.”

Following the game – one of the worst of Griffin’s career, and the first both in college or the NFL in which he did not lead his team to a single touchdown – the quarterback’s father came into the locker room to check on his son. It was the first time all season he had done so. Robert Griffin III appeared surprised to see Robert Griffin Jr., but the two talked for a few minutes, and then walked together to the interview room for the quarterback’s post-game press conference. Griffin and his father returned to the locker room afterwards and sat down in front of the player’s locker and continued their discussion.

Shanahan was asked on Monday any of the controversies — the latest allegations against Griffin, Santana Moss’s questions about the quarterback’s leadership skills and the criticism of his play — of the last week had served a distraction. The coach said no.

“It really doesn’t bother the players,” the coach said. “They understand there are going to be a lot of things that are going on, but the football team has to focus because there is a job at hand.”

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