Fred Davis has yet to work his way back into his coaches' good graces. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post) Fred Davis has yet to work his way back into his coaches’ good graces. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan declined to discuss whether or not tight end Fred Davis went seldom used in Monday night’s loss to San Francisco because of disciplinary reasons.

Davis had fallen out of favor with coaches and had been inactive for five consecutive games, and rookie tight end Jordan Reed overtook him as Washington’s primary pass-catching threat at that position. Davis was expected to have more involvement in the game plan this past week, however, with Reed sidelined by a concussion.

But an NBC Washington report on Monday night said that Davis had missed several meetings in the days leading up to the game against the 49ers.

Several players on Monday night declined to discuss the matter.

Asked about it on Tuesday, Shanahan said, “I don’t go through what we do with discipline with players, but if someone does miss a meeting, if someone’s late, we have fines, we have possible suspensions. If I feel a guy is not doing what he needs to do to help our football team win, any time we do have a discipline, and we do have some pretty strong disciplines – missing meetings, being late – because everyone is accountable, and everyone’s time is very valuable. So, if I did have something like that, I would address it individually.”

Davis played only 10 snaps in Monday’s game – the bulk of them coming on the final possession. He wasn’t targeted on any plays.

Asked if he was disappointed that Davis hadn’t carried himself with better professionalism in preparation for the game, Shanahan said, “Like I said, I have conversations with guys, and some people have different reasons for having a problem. I talk with those players, and if I don’t feel comfortable with it, they’re not with us. I think that’s been proven in the past. If there is something out there that I think merits maybe different discipline, then I use that. Everybody’s a little bit different. One thing we want is people [who are] accountable. People that aren’t accountable, they don’t last very long.”

Shanahan’s decision not to discuss Davis’s situation differed from his stance on Sunday when he publically denied an NFL Network report that alleged that Robert Griffin III had requested coaches not show any of his negative plays during the team film review session. In that situation, Shanahan denied the report without hesitation.

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