Mike Shanahan praised the competitiveness of wide receiver Pierre Garcon. (Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Coach Mike Shanahan defended his three Washington Redskins players Monday who were penalized for emotional outbursts during Sunday night’s loss to the New York Giants at FedEx Field.

Wide receiver Santana Moss and cornerback DeAngelo Hall received unsportsmanlike conduct penalties during the game.  Wide receiver Pierre Garcon was given a delay of game penalty for kicking the football as it sat on the turf after an incompletion.

Shanahan had said Sunday night that players cannot lose their poise during games. He reiterated that Monday and said the issues would be addressed with the team. But Shanahan also praised the three players’ competitiveness at length.

“You do address it,” Shanahan said Monday at Redskins Park. “The one with D. Hall, I was pretty upset with D. Hall during the game because he’s a competitor and he’s done a great job recently of trying to stay away from that. And then after I took a look at what the offensive lineman did to him, I could understand why he retaliated even though you never want a guy to retaliate. And Santana Moss is another great competitor and he’s a guy that always keeps his cool. When they called that holding penalty on him on that sideline, I could see why he was upset because I agree with Santana. It should have not been called a holding penalty. But it was.

“And Santana, he knows that you’ve really got to keep your cool in those situations or else you’ll draw a flag. And Pierre kicking that ball, even though it didn’t cost us — number one, it was one of the best kicks I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen a ball go that far. But on the serious side, he’s one of the most fierce competitors I’ve been around. If I get everybody playing like him, you won’t need coaches.”

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