Linebacker London Fletcher, while announcing his likely retirement following this season, said Wednesday he strongly believes the Washington Redskins should bring back Coach Mike Shanahan.

Fletcher said he feels that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder not only should retain Shanahan but also should extend Shanahan’s contract.

“As I look at the current situation, I think Coach Shanahan is definitely the right guy,” Fletcher said. “I think Mr. Snyder would be wise to let him see this thing through. Obviously there’s gonna have to be some changes made. … But I don’t think it needs to be with the head coach.”

More upheaval would not be helpful for the organization, Fletcher said.

“One of the things that hasn’t happened around here in Washington since Mr. Snyder has owned this football team, there’s been no … stability at the head coach position,” Fletcher said. “You’re talking about, I think, now the seventh head coach in, what, 14years, I think, since he’s owned the team? And sometimes when I look at and study the winning franchises, the perennial winning franchises — you’re talking about New England, Pittsburgh, teams like that, Green Bay, even Baltimore now — they have a sense of stability. They have a plan that they have. They stick with it.”

The Redskins have a record of 3-11 in the fourth season of Shanahan’s five-year contract.

“I also think it would be hard to do it with just one year left on his deal,” Fletcher said. “You’re looking at the coach as a one-year deal. Most people are like, ‘Is he a lame duck?’ So I think you extend him, as crazy as that may sound, but I think you extend him to let him continue to build this thing the right way.”

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What’s ahead:

●  The Redskins practice at 11:50 on Thursday, with coordinators Kyle Shanahan and Jim Haslett and head coach Mike Shanahan expected to speak with reporters afterward.

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