Aldrick Robinson is coming off of the best two-week stretch of his career. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

Used sporadically for much of the season, Aldrick Robinson appears to have turned a corner in the final month of the season.

The third-year wide receiver is coming off of his most productive two-game stretch of his career with four catches for 67 yards against Kansas City and four catches for a career-high 99 yards against Atlanta.

Robinson’s emergence comes soon after the season-ending injury to fellow wideout Leonard Hankerson and with Josh Morgan still plagued by inconsistencies.

In today’s Game Day Q&A, Robinson talks about his recent surge and overall growth as a receiver.

MJ: You’re coming off of the best two games of your career. What has been the key for you?

AR: I’ve gotten more opportunities. I’m running more routes and the quarterbacks are looking for me in more spots on the field, so that’s helping out a lot.

MJ: How hard has it been to wait for your shot?

AR: You’ve got to be a patient guy in this league. I know that. I’ve seen stars all over this league who don’t even get a chance. So, for me to get a chance like this, it’s an opportunity I’ve got to take and make the most of every opportunity I’ve got.

MJ: Has the increase in playing time and production proved anything to you?

AR: I knew I could play, but at the end of the day, I still have to show my teammates, my coaches and quarterback that I can do it.

MJ: For much of the season, you were slotted behind Pierre Garcon at ‘X’ receiver, but lately, you’ve been seeing some time at the ‘Z’ position opposite Garcon. What are the differences in those positional responsibilities?

AR: I play behind Pierre, of course, but I also play the other receiver. They basically run the same routes, but there are different concepts to it. It’s more about lining up. But at the end of the day, we run the same thing, just different sides.

MJ: At 5-foot-11, 180 pounds, you’re not the biggest guy. But what’s the key to compensating for a lack of size?

AR: I’ve just got to be tough. I’m a tough guy. I’m mentally strong. So, I don’t see size when I’m out there. That helps me. When I’m out there, I’m fearless and it shows in my game.

MJ: What’s been your biggest area of growth this season?

AR: My hands. I’m being more physical catching the ball with my hands as of late. If I’m going across the middle, I’m going to catch the ball with my hands and not just try to body catch it, so that’s big when you’re going across the middle.

MJ: What goes into becoming more comfortable catching with your hands rather than your body?

AR: It’s more of a confidence thing. When you’re around a lot of guys, you don’t want to stick your hands out there because you’re scared they’re going to knock it down. But you just have to be aggressive. You’re attacking the ball, and even when you drop a ball, you stay aggressive.

MJ: What’s the key to maintaining that aggression?

AR: Coaches will tell you. Mike [Shanahan] will tell you, ‘Even if you do drop a ball, come back and play the same way, don’t lose that aggression.’ And my receivers coach [Mike McDaniel] is telling me the same thing on the sideline, so that helps.

MJ: Your contract expires at the end of this year. Does that serve as additional motivation?

AR: It’s always good to have production no matter what point in the season you’re in. It helps the game be in position to get a win. I feel like the more numbers I can put up, the more we have a chance to get a win. That’s what it’s about. It’s not about getting your numbers up so you can get a contract. It’s about trying to help your team get better.

MJ: What do you want to improve upon the most this offseason?

AR: Consistency. I always show spurts. But I want to be able to do it all the time. This offseason, I’m going to work and make sure that level of play is there all the time.

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