After Redskins’ season ends, focus turns to Shanahan

A season that began with playoff aspirations ended with an eight-game losing streak and a 3-13 record for the Washington Redskins. Sometime Monday morning, Mike Shanahan will meet with owner Daniel Snyder and it is expected that Shanahan’s tenure as coach will come to an end.

If Shanahan is indeed finished, his final game will be a forgettable, 20-6 loss to the New York Giants on a cold and rainy afternoon at MetLife Stadium. The game was marred by interceptions, fumbles and dropped and tipped passes — with Robert Griffin III watching from the sideline. The Redskins will return to Ashburn, pack up their gear and prepare for whatever news Monday will bring as an offseason of rebuilding officially begins.

Thanks for joining us throughout the season. We’ve enjoyed being with you here and hope you’ll keep in touch during the offseason. It figures, as Redskins offseasons do, to be a busy one.

Shanahan says he’ll meet with Snyder Monday morning

Mike Shanahan watches first-half action. (Peter Morgan / AP)

A miserable season came to a miserable end with a 20-6 loss to the New York Giants in New Jersey, leaving Mike Shanahan to talk about the 3-13 season and what the Post has reported is the imminent end of his career in Washington.

Shanahan opened by saying he would meet with owner Daniel Snyder on Monday morning and would speak with reporters afterward. Asked about whether he had any sense of relief that the season was over, a clearly weary Shanahan replied:

“No, not really. You don’t think of it along those terms. You always want to compete and you’re disappointed when you lose. It’s not a fun profession when you lose. To be in this situation is something I haven’t experienced before. So, very disappointed.”

Shanahan was asked what the legacy of his four years with the Redskins would be, if this is the last time reporters have a chance to interview him.

“Hopefully, I will get to talk to you guys. If I don’t get to talk to you as a group, I’ll talk to you individually. I’ve told you guys I would talk to you so hopefully we can do that. I’ll talk about that more tomorrow.”

Any regrets over four years?

“I’ll talk about that tomorrow.”

Was this his toughest year in coaching?

“I’ve had a few. I’ve had a few. This is right up there with them. Any time you’re responsible for a football team and you come away with three wins, it’s always disappointing.”

And with that, his press conference ended. “I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow,” he said as he stepped off the podium.

The worst game ever…?

Twitter says yes.

Redskins lose to Giants 20-6

The season ends with an eight-game losing streak and Washington finishes 3-13, one game behind the first overall pick that it wouldn’t have gotten anyway because of the RGIII trade. The final drive concluded when Kirk Cousins committed his third turnover of the game, throwing an interception with two seconds left, because letting the clock run down would have just been too darn embarrassing.

Now the attention turns to the offseason, which apparently will begin with Mike Shanahan’s firing within the next 24 hours.

Here are the final leaders from MetLife Stadium:


Kirk Cousins: 19 for 49, 169 yards, two interceptions

Eli Manning: 10 for 24, 152 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception

Curtis Painter: 2 for 8, 11 yards, 1 interception


Alfred Morris: 16 carries, 62 yards

Peyton Hillis: 17 carries, 56 yards

Jerrel Jernigan: 2 carries, 57 yards, 1 touchdown


Pierre Garcon: 6 catches, 56 yards

Jernigan: 6 catches, 90 yards, 1 touchdown

Hey look, the Redskins set a record

Giants punt, game’s still going

It’s 4:12 p.m. right now and every other 1 p.m. game has wrapped up, except Giants-Redskins. Washington still trails 20-6 with roughly three minutes left, but has possession because New York couldn’t get a first down.

Meanwhile, read Maske and Jones on Shanahan’s impending dismissal.

RGIII agrees with you

Redskins stuffed on fourth down

Not even a neutral-zone infraction could help Washington convert on fourth down. Justin Tuck stuffed Roy Helu Jr. to create another turnover on downs. With less than four minutes left, the Giants can end it after taking over near midfield.

Longest drive of the game ends in field goal

With less than five minutes until this debacle mercifully ends for both sides, the New York Giants lead 20-6 after a 38-yard field goal by Josh Brown. That capped off a drive that lasted 11 plays and burned 7:06 off the clock.

For reference, Washington’s longest drive has gone 3:20 and 13 drives have lasted less than two minutes.

Texans clinch first overall pick

Houston belayed a tiny tiny tiny bit of the Redskins misery by losing, thereby wrapping up the No. 1 pick in the draft and ensuring the Rams do not get that, but rather the second overall choice. You may remember they got that pick from Washington for some inactive quarterback named Robert Griffin III.

Redskins first pick will be 34th overall.


Washington fails on fourth-down conversion

Washington picked up the third-down conversion on a pass to Aldrick Robinson earlier in the drive, but again stalled and failed to convert on fourth down, so the Redskins continue to find new ways to give the football to the Giants.

Jerrel Jernigan outruns everyone

The third quarter ends as Jerrel Jernigan takes an end-around 49 yards, nearly untouched, down the left sideline into the end zone. Washington now enters the final quarter of its final game of Mike Shanahan’s final season down 17-6.

Tom Coughlin challenges spot

Tom Coughlin decided to challenge the spot of Kirk Cousins’s short third-down pass to Roy Helu Jr. After review, the officials determined that Helu Jr. was short, so Washington punts again.

The overwhelming consensus for Coughlin’s decision:

There is nobody left at this game

Almost literally:

Giants punt, Redskins pinned at 5

For some reason Santana Moss decided to field a punt with two defenders closing on him right around the Redskins 5-yard line, and the spin move didn’t work much so now Washington is backed deep.

Will Beatty broke his leg


More tipped passes mean more interceptions

Kirk Cousins commits another turnover — his second of the game and sixth combined for both sides — on a tipped pass that Giants cornerback Trumaine McBride intercepted. So about all that avenging turnovers…didn’t happen. The Curtis Painter Show takes over near midfield.

Injury update on New York tackle Will Beatty: He suffered a broken leg.

Redskins take over near midfield

Solid pass breakup by Trenton Robinson on the far sideline cuts New York’s drive short and ends in — what else — a punt. Washington starts near midfield, looking to avenge that turnover from the last drive.

Pierre Garcon had a historic season

Giants lose tackle Will Beatty

Scary moment as Will Beatty was upended towards the end of a play and appeared to have his leg buckle underneath DeAngelo Hall. The replay was gruesome and a cart was needed to help him off the field.

Ronde Barber did a good job restraining himself.

Of course, the Giants drive ended in a punt, so Washington takes over. From hereon out, assume every drive ends in a punt until told otherwise.

Eight punts for Washington

Back to basics with another three-and-out, Washington punts for the eighth time this afternoon. After the Morris fumble and Painter interception, little of note happened.

Reed Doughty intercepts Curtis Painter

A tip, a dropped pass, an interception, so the Redskins now swap turnovers after Brandon Myers couldn’t come up with the pass in the end zone. Reed Doughty snagged the rebound and took it to the Washington 19, so we’re basically back to where we started in the second half, pretending those consecutive turnovers never happened.

Hakeem Nicks also reportedly has a sprained ankle and won’t return. Both he and Eli Manning are out with the same injury.

Cooley says this is the “worst game he’s ever watched”

Giants recover Alfred Morris fumble

Alfred Morris ran into fullback Darrel Young and the slippery football popped loose, so New York now has possession inside the Washington red zone.

Painter’s debut drive ends in punt

Because what else? Painter’s first-down fumble lost five yards, Peyton Hillis gained one yard and Painter completed a third-down pass for eight yards, even though NFL.com forgot who was playing quarterback.


Also, this:

Curtis Painter checks in at QB

With Eli Manning being evaluated for an ankle injury, the Giants subbed in Curtis Painter, who promptly fumbled the first snap. This season, the former sixth-round pick is 6 of 8 for 46 yards and one touchdown.

Eli fails to break Peyton’s family record

Eli Manning  can’t get away from Chris Baker. (Robert Deutsch / USA Today)

On the first half…

A variety of assessments from twitterverse, and all of them — from broadcast analysis to on-field happenings — are negative.


Injuries to Josh Wilson, Eli Manning

Halftime: Washington down 10-6

Well, that was a rather punt-tacular affair for the first half. Washington booted seven times and the Giants thrice, so that means we have one fewer punt (10) than first downs (11). Of course, it might have been worse had New York not committed two turnovers. Here are your halftime leaders:


Kirk Cousins: 7 for 18, 55 yards

Eli Manning: 10 for 24, 152 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception


Alfred Morris: 7 carries, 14 yards

Peyton Hillis: 5 carries, 25 yards


Pierre Garcon: 4 catches, 25 yards

Jerrel Jernigan: 6 catches, 90 yards, 1 touchdown



Kai Forbath hits from 49 yards

Washington finally got a first down, so that’s some progress, but after the Eli Manning interception the drive stalled so Kai Forbath converted from 49 yards. With four seconds left until halftime, after which the Giants will receive, the Redskins are behind 10-6.

Josh Wilson intercepts Eli Manning

Eli Manning took a shot in the pocket and E.J. Biggers tipped the pass to Josh Wilson, who gives Washington possession with less than a minute left before halftime. Manning came up limping and heads into the locker room with an apparent ankle injury, which could mean we’ll soon have a game of dueling backup quarterbacks.


Kirk Cousins hammered, Washington punts again

Washington has discovered the worst kind of consistency, going three-and-out for the sixth time on Sunday. Kirk Cousins got hammered by Justin Tuck for minus-eight yards on second down and Roy Helu Jr., on the third-and-long draw play, fumbled and recovered it. New York gets a shot near midfield to score before halftime.

Hakeem Nicks giveth, taketh away

Hakeem Nicks hauled in a 35-yard jump ball over DeAngelo Hall, who missed an interception on the last drive, that brought New York into the Washington red zone, but after the two-minute warning he was flagged for offensive pass interference and appeared shaken up on the play, leaving to head into the locker room before halftime. The second-down dump-off to running back Peyton Hillis was incomplete and a third-down pass to the running back was also batted down.

So on came Josh Brown for the 34-yard field goal attempt and, after missing a 50-yarder earlier this game, put New York up 10-3 before halftime. The Giants also receive to start the second half.

Washington still can’t convert on third down

The three-and-out streak has reached six drives for Washington. This last one gained two total yards, and Sav Rocca dropped the snap on the ensuing punt, but recovered nicely by side-booting the kick.

Nick Williams had some trouble hanging onto the ensuing kickoff after New York’s touchdown, so Washington started backed up on its 9-yard line.

Follow-up side note:


Jarvis Jenkins being evaluated

Reportedly for a head injury.

Giants score, up 7-3

DeAngelo Hall dropped a surefire interception from Eli Manning on first down– and Brandon Merriweather couldn’t quite dive close enough to reach the ricochet — so the Giants capitalized on a first-down run by Peyton Hillis, subbed in after Andre Brown, and a 30-yard completion down the left sideline to Jerrel Jernigan.

Then Manning launched one deep into double coverage through Josh Wilson and E.J. Biggers, a pinpoint throw that found Jernigan in the back of the end zone from 24 yards out. The ensuing extra point puts the hosts up 7-3.

Side note: defensive end Jarvis Jenkins was helped off the field during that last series. 

Skins lead 3-0 on Forbath’s 31-yarder

Kirk Cousins got tripped up on third down but Kai Forbath converts from 31 yards with 8:16 left in the first half so points finally get onto the scoreboard after the Andre Brown fumble.

Redskins recover Giants fumble

Andre Brown had about four bodies clawing at the football and eventually coughed it up, so New York commits its league-leading 42nd turnover and continues its DiMaggio-like streak of a turnover in all 16 games this season. Josh Wilson recovers and the Redskins take over.

2014 NFL draft update

The Houston Texans have taken a 7-3 lead on the Tennessee Titans, if you’re keeping track of the battle for the No. 1 draft pick (which the Redskins will give to St. Louis).

Going into the regular-season finales today, the top three picks had yet to be settled, with Houston and Washington duking it out for No. 1. Houston came into today’s games in the lead at 2-13, but the Redskins would get the pick if Houston were to win and Washington loses, finishing 3-13. That would be based on low strength of schedule.

As for the No. 3 pick, it currently belongs to Jacksonville, but if the Redskins win and the Jaguars lose, the Jags would get the No. 2 pick. Jacksonville holds a tiebreaker over every other four-win team in the league because of their poor strength of schedule.

Cousins hurting trade value?

Twitter says so:

Never mind more punts

Washington goes three-and-out for the fourth straight possession. There’s not really much more to add.

Something happened that wasn’t a punt

Josh Brown missed a 50-yard field goal in the rain and hooked it left. The score remains 0-0 early into the second quarter.

Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was just Eli Manning struggling more and more, but the Giants were driving into Redskins territory until he badly overthrew a wide-open Hakeem Nicks on third down. Until that point, New York had moved 61 yards in 11 plays, as its first down total finally surpassed its punt total.

Thoughts on the 1st quarter

Twitter had some subdued but noteworthy thoughts on that action-packed first quarter. Here are some of them:

End of 1st quarter: 0-0

The Giants are driving near Washington territory as the first quarter comes to a close at a 0-0 tie. So far, the teams have combined for 77 total yards, all but 10 of which have come through the air. There have been more punts (seven) than first downs (four).

Giants get a first down

Giants picked up a first down on a 13-yard slant route by Hakeem Nicks. It was, on four drives, their first first down today. The media has been alerted.

Seven drives, seven punts

Pierre Garcon picks up a third-down reception just short of the marker, so Sav Rocca continues to get work.

The Giants have two total yards

New York has now run 10 offensive plays that have netted a combined two yards. The latest drive lost two after Chris Neild blew up Andre Brown in the backfield on first down. Of course, this drive too ended in a punt.

Drive charts so far

Washington: 5 plays, 26 yards, 2:36 — Punt

New York: 3 plays, 1 yard, 1:02 — Punt

Washington: 3 plays, -2 yards, 1:08 — Punt

New York: 5 plays, 3 yards, 2:40 — Punt

Washington (the latest): 3 plays, 7 yards, 1:05 — Punt

Four drives, four punts

Big sack from Perry Riley Jr., his third of the season, pinned the Giants back into third-and-long, then under heavy pressure Eli Manning basically spikes the ball into the grass, because the grass was wide open but no one else was. New York punts and the offensive futility continues.

Probably just best to defer to Boswell.

Boswell on the Kyle Shanahan offense:


More punts ensue

The first-down reverse to Aldrick Robinson loses yardage, Washington calls a timeout because everyone is confused then Kirk Cousins gets flushed out of the pocket and drilled on third down.

Three drives, three punts, this last one ending with a 10-yard penalty because Jose Gumbs tried to kick the kick downfield.

Giants go nowhere on first drive

David Amerson broke up a third-down pass intended for Rueben Randle near the marker, so New York swaps punts on its first possession. Eli Manning and company went next to nowhere, after Andre Brown rushed for one yard and tight end Brandon Myers was suffocated on a second-down pass over the middle. New York, for reference, ranks 30th in the NFL in third-down conversion rate, so this wasn’t exactly ground-breaking territory.

Redskins punt on first drive

Washington’s opening drive was the Alfred Morris show, as the running back received touches on the first four plays. He rushed for four yards, took a quick pass for 15 yards down the right sideline, entered Giants territory on a six-yard swing pass and rushed for one yard. On third down. Santana Moss dropped the pass from Kirk Cousins, so the Redskins punted it away.

New York called for a fair catch at the 14-yard line.

Redskins start with the ball

Redskins won the toss, elected to receive. Nick Williams returns four yards deep in the end zone, finds a hole up the middle and moves to the 25. Kirk Cousins and company onto the soaked field because, as television says, the forecast is “Rain, Rain and More Rain.”

Metlife is PACKED


Your next hourly Shanahan update: he’ll be fired.

According to Mark Maske and Mike Jones, Shanahan will be fired tonight or tomorrow:

They don’t sell these at Footlocker

But they absolutely should. Check out the cleats London Fletcher will wear in his final NFL game.

You have to be good to pull cleats like this off. Really good.

NFL playoff scenarios

In case you missed it, the Early Lead broke down what each and every team with living and breathing playoff hopes needs to do to turn them into reality. Here’s the skinny.

Orakpo, Morgan among Redskins inactives

Out for the Redskins today:

LB Brian Orakpo (groin)

WR Josh Morgan (supposedly lack of effort)

QB Robert Griffin III

LB Adrian Robinson

CB Chase Minnifield

G Josh LeRibeus

C JD Walton

In other words:

And the Giants’ inactives, while we’re at it:



Not exactly a raucous tailgate…

With effectively nothing on the line but a pinch of pride today, there’s room to spare in the parking lot at MetLife stadium.  A lot of room to spare.

An interesting Alfred Morris stat

In the midst of all the 2013 Redskins chaos, it’s been easy to overlook the (very) few positives of Washington’s season. One of them has been Alfred Morris, who’s successfully avoided a sophomore slump and been relatively consistent throughout a decidedly inconsistent Redskins season. Here’s a stat that puts his first two seasons into perspective:

Likely? Maybe not, but that he’s even in a conversation to be one of seven running backs in history to do something positive is a good sign.

Your hourly Mike Shanahan update

Because no major news outlet decided to break a dramatic, not-so-surprising but oh-so-intriguing story about the turmoil percolating in Ashburn today, here’s a brief update on the day’s gossip:

On ESPN this morning, Adam Schefter put Mike Shanahan in his “out” category when listing coaches on the hot seat.

Yes, we’ll all probably find out this week for sure anyway, but in case you missed it, here’s what Mike Jones wrote about the impending departure of a head coach and several familiar faces.


Join the discussion

Join the discussion for the final game of the season for the Washington Redskins as they face the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. The Redskins are seeking to end a seven-game losing streak in the third straight start for quarterback Kirk Cousins. Some reading before kickoff:

Time for Dan Snyder to build for future | Cousins says he has made strides | Mike Shanahan mum on job status |