Fans will be watching Richard Sherman during the Super Bowl, not just because of his penchant for talking, but for his role in defending the Broncos and Peyton Manning. (Ted S. Warren)

Super Bowl hysteria truly gets underway on Tuesday with media day, but the matchup has been set for days and if you’ve got an opinion, you’ve likely already formed it. The Post Sports Live crew will give some bold predictions on today’s show, but the folks in The Insider’s comments got started on Monday afternoon.

Here are a few selected predictions, some bolder than others, and one from me. Might as well have a little fun until the hysteria begins:

The Right Gruden:

Percy Harvin will be MVP leading the ‘Hags to a win, and the $16 million paid to him for essentially one full game will have been worth it to the Seattle organization.


Let me paint you a picture … Last play of the game, Broncos down six. Manning throws a pick to Richard Sherman, who runs it all the way back to the end zone but before crossing, he fumbles and Knowshon Moreno picks it up. Moreno takes it to the 50 and then pitches it back to Peyton, who then runs three yards and makes a beautiful backwards pass across the field to Demaryius Thomas, who then takes it in for the win.

Ron Burgundy_and_Gold:

Harvin gets hit upside the head by an errant pass in warmups, leaves game with concussion. Peyton rushes for late game-clinching TD. Sherman gets early pick, gets all happy about it, then gets victimized late in the game. Broncos 24, Seahawks 17


Denver 26, Seattle 13

Denver will get at least three first downs from defensive pass interference and/or holding and/or illegal hands to the face penalties called against Seattle’s DBs, or against LBs dropping into coverage. At least one of those will go against Richard Sherman. Peyton will get the calls, because he’s Peyton and everyone respects him, and because Sherman has a target on his back … Seattle fans will whine and complain that the refs cost them the game, just like they cried after losing the Super Bowl to Pittsburgh.”


“I totally want the score to be like 24-21 with Seattle up, only to have Thomas go racing down the sidelines after a crossing route for the winning TD in the closing seconds, beating Sherman, and while going for the tackle and missing he rolls through the Seattle sidelines like a bowling ball … pins flying everywhere … ACLs tearing everywhere. Like a bad SyFy movie.”


“Denver 30, Seattle 20.

I think Peyton finally breaks through the glass ceiling of cold weather games and becomes a football immortal.”

I’ll predict that Denver beats Seattle at its own game, playing rugged, somewhat ugly football. Instead of Manning passing for 400 yards, he’s held under 200, and only 30 points total are scored. Yet the Broncos’ 17-13 win comes down to the last possession and is plenty exciting.

What’s your prediction, bold or otherwise? Who do you think will win?

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