Robert Griffin III congratulates Russell Wilson after a Jan. 2013 playoff game, when both players were rookies. (Laurence Kesterson/Reuters)

A second-year quarterback won the Super Bowl on Sunday. It’d be condescending to insinuate that Russell Wilson getting there faster than Robert Griffin III wasn’t largely influenced by surrounding circumstances, many out of either quarterback’s control. It’s not entirely wise to judge quarterbacks by Super Bowl victories alone, nor are past results wholly indicative of the ability to win a Super Bowl in the future, which of course is every team’s goal.

All that sets the stage for this morning’s conversation-starting question: Which NFL quarterbacks would you trade Robert Griffin III for, straight up, right now?

Here’s a quick list of starters, ordered by year the quarterback came into the league:

Mike Glennon, Bucs
E.J. Manuel, Bills
Geno Smith, Jets

Nick Foles, Eagles
Robert Griffin III, Redskins
Andrew Luck, Colts
Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins
Russell Wilson, Seahawks

Andy Dalton, Bengals
Colin Kaepernick, 49ers
Jake Locker, Titans
Cam Newton, Panthers
Christian Ponder, Vikings
Terrelle Pryor, Raiders

Sam Bradford, Rams

Matthew Stafford, Lions

Joe Flacco, Ravens
Matt Ryan, Falcons

Jay Cutler, Bears

Aaron Rodgers, Packers
Alex Smith, Chiefs

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
Eli Manning, Giants
Philip Rivers, Chargers
Matt Schaub, Texans

Tony Romo, Cowboys
Carson Palmer, Cardinals

Drew Brees, Saints

Tom Brady, Patriots

Peyton Manning, Broncos

I’ll assume the Browns, Jaguars and Texans will all be starting players drafted in 2014, if not right away, then at some point in the near future. I put Schaub on the list anyway, and picked Pryor over Matt McGloin (2013) for the Raiders and Ponder over Josh Freeman (2009) for the Vikings. None of those affect the point I’m making anyway.

Griffin is 23. Manning is 37, Brady 36 and Brees 35. Remember those circumstances referred to earlier? If you had a team ready-made to compete to win a Super Bowl, maybe in this hypothetical you take an elite quarterback in his mid-30s. But for the Redskins, Griffin’s long-term potential is a major part of the equation.

And so, ask yourself which quarterback on the above list you’d rather have than Griffin for the rest of his career. Would you take Wilson, or Luck, or Kaepernick? As a rookie, Griffin showed the ability to avoid turnovers, which Wilson was praised for this year. Luck may be a more polished passer than Griffin, but he’s taken 72 sacks and thrown 27 interceptions in two seasons. Kaepernick, like Griffin, has rare skills but had his struggles throwing the ball. Cam Newton just led his team to a 12-win season, and Nick Foles had 27 touchdowns and two picks in 11 starts.

Players like Tony Romo and Eli Manning (each 33) don’t have enough career left to make it much of a discussion, but perhaps Aaron Rodgers (30), the NFL’s active passer rating leader, or Ben Roethlisberger (31) does.

Which quarterback would you rather have for the rest of his career than RGIII? You’re allowed to choose more than one, or none, in the poll below.

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