Malcolm Smith sits in a pile of confetti Sunday. Today, Seattle gets its first championship parade since 1979. (Shannon Stapleton/Associated Press)

Washington last won a Super Bowl on Jan. 26, 1992, a shade more than 22 years ago. When the Seahawks won on Feb. 2, 2014, it knocked them off this list and bumped Washington up a spot:

Longest droughts for cities with at least two NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL franchises:
City, last title, number of years
San Diego, 1963 (51 years)
Cleveland, 1964 (50 years)
Buffalo, 1965 (49 years)
Milwaukee, 1971 (43 years)
Seattle, 1979 (35 years)
Kansas City, 1985 (29 years)
Charlotte, None, (26 years)
Oakland, 1989 (25 years)
Cincinnati, 1990 (24 years)
Minneapolis, 1991 (23 years)
Washington, D.C., 1992 (22 years)

All those numbers are calculated between the title year and 2o14, although it hasn’t been 23 full years since the Minnesota Twins won, for instance. Sure, there are exceptions if you bend the parameters — University of Maryland won men’s and women’s basketball championships in 2002 and 2006, and the Capitals played in the 1998 Stanley Cup finals. And of course, not everybody roots for every, or any, of the teams in the city they live in.

If you count Oakland as part of the Bay Area, lump Charlotte in with the Raleigh-based Carolina Hurricanes and figure that Milwaukee football lovers mostly follow the Green Bay Packers, those fans have experienced championships in recent seasons. If you go by four-major-sport cities only, Washington and Minneapolis move to the top of the list. 

The reason I bring it up is because the NFC rep from the Super Bowl the past several years has often been a sad-sack franchise having one of its best seasons in history. It wasn’t hard to pull for the Arizona Cardinals in 2008, the New Orleans Saints in 2009 and the Seahawks on Sunday, because it’s nice to see the wealth spread. No disrespect to Boston, a city near and dear to my heart, but there’s a young generation of fans from there who have seen teams in each sport win a title. But when the Red Sox won in 2004, the party line was that the years of suffering had made the win that much sweeter.

So where do Washington fans stand? On one hand, most of you were likely alive for the last Redskins Super Bowl. On the other, it’s been way too long, has it not? Is it time for someone else to root for Washington, so as to spread the wealth?

It looks worse in chart form. Here are all the championships since Washington’s last one:

1992 Washington Chicago Toronto Pittsburgh
1993 Dallas Chicago Toronto Montreal
1994 Dallas Houston New York
1995 San Francisco Houston Atlanta New Jersey
1996 Dallas Chicago New York Colorado
1997 Green Bay Chicago Florida Detroit
1998 Denver Chicago New York Detroit
1999 Denver San Antonio New York Dallas
2000 St. Louis Los Angeles New York New Jersey
2001 Baltimore Los Angeles Arizona Colorado
2002 New England Los Angeles Anaheim Detroit
2003 Tampa Bay San Antonio Florida New Jersey
2004 New England Detroit Boston Tampa Bay
2005 New England San Antonio Chicago
2006 Pittsburgh Miami St. Louis Carolina
2007 Indianapolis San Antonio Boston Anaheim
2008 New York Boston Philadelphia Detroit
2009 Pittsburgh Los Angeles New York Pittsburgh
2010 New Orleans Los Angeles San Francisco Chicago
2011 Green Bay Dallas St. Louis Boston
2012 New York Miami San Francisco Los Angeles
2013 Baltimore Miami Boston Chicago
2014 Seattle

And, just out of curiosity, this poll:

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