Robert Griffin III Robert Griffin III will not switch jersey numbers. DeSean Jackson will. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Robert Griffin III will not change jersey numbers. DeSean Jackson will.

Amazingly, one of the hottest topics of debate among Redskins fans in response to Jackson joining the team centered not on the former Eagle’s impact on the locker room, or how he would mesh with his new pass-catching teammates. It was all about the No. 10.

Jackson for the first six years of his NFL career sported that jersey number. But the Redskins already have a pretty popular player who wears the No. 10.

Asked during his conference call with the media yesterday, Jackson semi-jokingly said that maybe he could get Griffin to change his number.

“I definitely am familiar with the No. 10 on Robert Griffin,” he said with a chuckle. “But, you know, we’ve talked about it a little bit, but there hasn’t been a decision that’s been made yet so far, but maybe by the time season starts we’ll know. But maybe RGIII will wear No. 3 and I’ll try to get in 10. We’ll see how it goes though. Never know.”

Per my guy Dan Steinberg over on the DC Sports Bog, a short time later, Jackson said on ESPN 980 that he might wear the No. 4 in practice until the league told him he had to stop. But then, a little while after that, Jackson tweeted a doctored picture of him wearing a No. 1 Redskins jersey and joked that he was going to play quarterback and throw to No. 10. (No. 1 was Jackson’s number at Cal.)

Meantimee, the Redskins have started promoting Jackson jersey sales, but with a TBA on his number.

Wednesday evening, fellow receiver Aldrick Robinson, who has worn No. 11 the last three years, tweeted “Guess I gotta swag it out in #15 this year #AR15.” But when a follower asked if that was because Jackson was going to take over No. 11, Robinson replied, “..too early bra bra lol”

Griffin himself finally weighed in Wednesday night to set his fans’ minds at ease.

“Fans everywhere please calm down. Not changing my # @DeseanJackson10 will kick off his new beginning with us in a new one #HTTR,” the quarterback tweeted.

So, a little mystery will remain about Jackson’s jersey, but at least you know Griffin will not be changing his. And really, did anyone seriously expect him to? The franchise quarterback giving up his jersey number would’ve been the equivalent of Batman handing over his mask to Robin.

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