Bruce Allen tackled it earlier, but who can believe anything a GM says during the week of the draft? In Allen’s opening statement, he said, “We’re going to do our best job not to lie to anybody today … If we mislead 31 other teams than it’s successful.”

No lying was allowed on today’s episode of Post Sports Live. Host Jonathan Forsythe put the three panelists (Dan Steinberg, Brandon Parker and I) on the spot about whether the Redskins should focus on a position of need or just take what comes to them. Since it’s a frequent topic in The Insider comments, and every year for every team come draft time, check out the discussion that ensued, and weigh in below in our poll:

The Post Sports Live crew debates whether the Redskins should choose the best available player for their second round draft pick, or if they should try and fill holes in the team's roster instead. (Post Sports Live/The Washington Post)

And if you love D.C. Sports, or just want to hear Steinberg riff on the Lady Gaga/Wizards kerfluffle, the full episode is here. We talk a bit of general NFL draft and more Redskins as well. 

So what should the Redskins do, fill a need or take the best player available? If you think the answer is some combination of the two — which it probably is, come to think of it — tough luck, for the purposes of this poll. You have to pick something:

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While we’re on the topic, let’s revisit a poll that first ran back on April 18. It had 7,014 votes before I dug it up, with 2,988 (about 43%) saying Washington should draft a tackle, 1,647 (23%) suggesting interior offensive lineman, 964 (14%) going safety, and 599 (9%) pushing for a corner. Five percent or fewer of voters chose inside linebacker (366), defensive line (254), outside linebacker (106) or other (90).

[polldaddy poll=7979306]

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