Redskins coach Jay Gruden, right, gets a fist bump from his brother, broadcaster and Super Bowl-winning coach Jon Gruden, who attended practice Wednesday. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Jon Gruden was on hand Wednesday at Redskins Park to watch his brother Jay coach the Washington Redskins through an offseason practice.

“He just came in to watch how we’re doing things,” Jay Gruden said following the organized team activities, or OTAs. “He’s still an avid football fan, obviously. He likes to stay up to date with what’s going on around the league and his sons are close in age to my sons. So it’s nice to get together with them.”

Jon Gruden, the former head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders, said after the practice that he sees “a little bit” of himself in his brother’s coaching style.

“He’s always been a better player than me and a better coach,” Jon Gruden said. “And he puts his spin on things, like we all do. No two people are alike. But this is a great global franchise. This is a tremendous responsibility and a great opportunity for him. I just like the fact that he’s working as hard as he can. He’s accumulated a good coaching staff. At the end of the day, everybody gets what they deserve.”

Jon Gruden predicted good things for his brother in working with Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Gruden said that Griffin is “obviously way ahead of the game physically,” and added: “Last year he was hurt at this time. It’ll be a real interesting thing to see how he likes this new offense and how he performs in it. I’ve got a lot of confidence in him, personally.”

He said he’s available as a potential sounding board for Jay, if needed.

“He’s been an assistant of mine for several years,” said Jon Gruden, for whom Jay worked in Tampa. “So we leaned on each other over the last 15 years or so since we’ve been in coaching. If he ever needs a piece of advice or some help, I’ll certainly do the best I can to give it to him. But he’s got to take his expertise — he’s with these guys every day — and use the staff that he’s accumulated and work through them.”

Jay Gruden said he might have his brother address the Redskins players Thursday.

“It’s good to have him here,” he said. “He’s a good presence. Hopefully we’ll have him talk to the team tomorrow and pick his brain some after practice and play a little golf.”

Jon Gruden, now an analyst on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” telecasts, acknowledged it will be a bit different to work his brother’s games, now that Jay is a head coach.

“I’ve done it and he’s been offensive coordinator against the Steelers and against the Ravens,” Jon Gruden said. “It certainly will be [different]. I’m just trying to take care of my job. I’ve already been fired. I’m just trying to hang on to the job I can and I know he’s trying to do the same.”

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