Occasionally, The Insider samples what folks outside The Post are writing about the team.

If you’ve exhausted The Post’s coverage of offseason practices, plus seen everything on the NFL that the D.C. Sports Bog, Fancy Stats and Early Lead have to offer, here’s some external afternoon reading and viewing:

Chick Hernandez of CSN did a feature on the Redskins’ backfield and how the players complement one another, even as the wide receivers garner more attention.

Interesting. No mention of Chris Thompson, even at the end of the piece where Silas Redd is named.

● ESPN’s John Keim examines the leadership void with London Fletcher gone, and six of the most likely candidates to fill in. From what I saw yesterday — and granted, it’s only one June practice — Ryan Clark seems like a good bet.

● If you enjoy photos of the team during the offseason, here’s our gallery from yesterday’s practice. The team Web site has its own 20-photo gallery from today as well.

● Keim also wrote observations from the open practice, which you can compare with those of Mike Jones.

● The Washington Times caught up with Jason Hatcher. And although you might believe it this time around, tell me this quote doesn’t bring up a bad memory:

“They’re going to do a lot of what they did with me in Dallas,” Hatcher said. “They’re not going to take my strengths away. They know what I do. Why would they let me do something else? I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t let me play to my strengths.”

● The AP explores linebacker Keenan Robinson’s return from successive pectoral muscle injuries. Here’s a quote from Jay Gruden about the quiet leadership of Robinson and Perry Riley Jr.:

“As long as he’s playing hard, doing the right thing, that’s leadership enough in a lot of cases. You don’t have to a Ray Lewis-type of leader to play middle linebacker and be successful. There’s been linebackers who aren’t quite that vocal that have been very successful. I’m more about the play than I am about the talk, anyway.”

● ESPN’s John Keim wrote about rookie wide receiver Ryan Grant earlier in the week, and took a look at the punting situation today.

● Just because NFL players make football look easy doesn’t mean it is. Check out some of their crazy workouts, including one way DeSean Jackson works to maintain his speed.

● And here’s one more video clip, from the team’s in-house show, featuring Larry Michael talking about the defensive backs:

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