Andre Roberts, shown here with the Cardinals, is lobbying to return kicks for the Redskins (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Wide receiver Andre Roberts, signed by the Washington Redskins this offseason as a free agent, says he would like to be the team’s kickoff or punt returner.

“I think I’ll be a returner,” Roberts said following a practice last week at Redskins Park. “I’m not sure which one. But he has me doing punts and kicks right now. So I would like to be the kick returner and the punt returner. But everybody doesn’t get what they want. Preferably probably kick returner. I would love to do that.”

The Redskins had unsettled situations last season at both punt and kickoff returner as part of their overall struggles on special teams.

Andre Roberts Andre Roberts works on his touchdown dance during a slow moment in practice last week. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Roberts averaged 22.4 yards on 16 kickoff returns and 6.9 yards on 40 punt returns in four seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. Most of his return work was done as a rookie in 2010, and he had neither a punt nor a kickoff return last season. But he said he wants to get back to being a returner with the Redskins.

“I really do,” Roberts said. “After my first year, I started to get used to it. Then I started my second year so they really don’t want the starters doing that too much. I never really had the opportunity to get in there and do it like I wanted to. So being here and having the opportunity is big and I would love to do it.”

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