Fans at DuPont Circle cheer prior to the U.S-Germany match. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

The U.S.-Germany match that just kicked off is big by just about any measure — it’s got a World Cup group on the line. The U.S. could advance to the knockout round. And the potential for it to influence how much people care about soccer in this country is massive.

D.C. has already made it clear that it cares, by TV ratings. And also by the number of folks at the DuPont Circle watch party, where the D.C. Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg is tweeting from:

Your quarterback seems to care:

But do fans of Washington’s American football team care? Certainly it helps that our game has gone dark, taking its summer vacation right as the world’s game holds its most-watched tournament. It’s also pretty cool to learn about other countries, and unlike the Olympics, head in with only modest expectations for the United States delegation. A win or draw today would only put the U.S. through to the final 16, yet there are folks in the office with their July 4-style shirts on, and others on the street with American flag bandanas wrapped around their faces.

A yes/no question probably isn’t nuanced enough. So I ask, do you care?

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If your answer is yes, we’ve got a live blog and tons of coverage over at Soccer Insider.