Kirk Cousins. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

RICHMOND — Backup quarterback Kirk Cousins has been practicing holding field goals at training camp, but he doesn’t have a specific reason for taking reps as a holder other than “just in case.”

“You just always stay ready and keep learning as a backup,” Cousins said. “If you ever got called, hopefully you have enough work in to be successful.”

Cousins said he practiced being a holder every day when he was a backup quarterback at Michigan State. He’s never entered a game for the Redskins as a holder, though having backup quarterbacks as holders is a common practice, especially on the collegiate level.

On one hand, a quarterback as the holder is beneficial in case a team opts for a fake field goal. More common is that the punter is the holder, as is the case for the Redskins, because the punter and the kicker have more time to work on the continuity of the kicks with their sole focus being special teams.

Punter Robert Malone is listed as the starting holder on the Redskins’ unofficial depth chart, and that is the only position that has no backups listed. Cousins said holding is not as easy as it seems.

“It all depends on what the kicker wants,” Cousins said. “If the kicker wants it in a certain spot, or if they don’t want the laces showing, then you want to out the laces facing in a certain direction and just get the ball set for them.”

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What’s ahead:

The Redskins’ joint practice with the New England Patriots on Tuesday is at 1:35 p.m. Here’s our camp guide.

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