Sunday’s 41-10 win over the Jaguars was one of the most eventful Redskins’ games in recent memory: Robert Griffin III got hurt, DeSean Jackson got hurt, Kirk Cousins exploded, and Washington broke a nine-game losing streak — among several other notable happenings. Here’s what the Redskins had to say afterwards:

Head Coach Jay Gruden: 

“First off, I’ll announce that Robert has a dislocated ankle, and he’ll undergo more tests tomorrow and we’ll get more about the injury tomorrow afternoon after his MRI and X-rays. But we don’t know the length of time he’s going to miss as of today, we’ll know more tomorrow.”

“DeSean Jackson has an AC joint sprain, he’s going to be day-to-day. Roy Helu had a quad strain, he’s going to be day-to-day, also. Darrel Young has a back sprain — it wasn’t his neck, was a back sprain. He kind of got folded in half a little bit … he looks like he’s going to be day-to-day.”

On Kirk Cousins: 

Kirk’s had a great training camp and a great offseason, and we feel great about our two quarterbacks, and that’s why we wanted to keep Kirk here. He’s a great quarterback, and good quarterbacks are hard to find. We’re sick about Robert. Robert started out the game hot, was running around having some great energy, and it’s very unfortunate. He put a lot of effort and time and mental anguish to get ready for this season, but things happen in pro football. Starters get hurt, backups have to come in. This is an extreme circumstance, but Kirk is more than ready to take over.

On how the game plan changed for Cousins: 

It changes considerably. We have a group of plays obviously that are really good for Robert, not as good for Kirk as we all know. We started out with zone reads, had some success, and obviously when Kirk comes in we can still run them, but they’re just not as good.

On the doctors and scenarios for RGIII’s timetable: 

They don’t want to get my hopes up or hopes down. I’d rather wait. I don’t want to hear anything until I hear final results on X-Rays and MRI. Dislocated ankle is all I’ve got so far, if I said fracture, I misspoke. From what I hear it’s a dislocated ankle, and they’ll go from there, figure out after the X-Rays tomorrow.”

On packages that are better for Kirk: 

We’ll cater to Kirk’s strengths. He’s a darn good quarterback. He can do a lot of good things. He’s good on the run, he can still throw on the run, he’s good in the pocket. He’s got to get the reps. The unfortunate thing about Kirk is Robert has taken the majority of the reps for the past three and a half weeks. So now Kirk’s got to get the reps and play fast and get back into the scheme and really do a great job because it’s not going to get easier from here on out. He’s got to get himself ready, which I know he will.

On what he’s said to Griffin III: 

He’s obviously very disappointed, he’s sick. Everybody knows what kind of competitor Robert is. He wants to do great things, he had his sights set on a great year, a magical year so to speak. And when you get hurt and your season gets cut short, it’s devastating. People don’t understand how much time and work goes into being a starting quarterback in the National Football League. It’s not easy by any stretch. I know he’s sick about it. I’m sick about it for him. But he will get well, he’ll get well as soon as he can, probably beat all the odds and probably be back quicker than anybody in the history of a dislocated ankle. We’re sick about it, but now we have to move forward, and that’s what you do in the NFL. When people go down, you have to have good backup plans. That’s why Kirk is here and we feel very good about what he can do as a quarterback.”

On Cousins coming in and playing well right away: 

“That’s not easy to do when you don’t get the reps, but that’s what backup quarterbacks have to do. They have to pay attention in meetings, and the reps they don’t get, they have to get them on the mental side of it and pay attention when we’re talking to Robert and you have to act like you’re getting all the reps when you’re not out there. But Kirk’s a true pro. He’s handled being a backup like a pro, he’s waited patiently, and now his time’s going to come to really take this thing and run with it.”

On running the zone read against the Jaguars: 

“We game-plan, and zone read is better against some teams than others, and we felt very strongly this was a good team to run it on. Plus, it’s good for Robert’s skill set. Obviously he’s very fast and he does a good job of reading those ends or backers, whoever he’s reading, he does a nice job. But when he went out and we got the lead and only one quarterback on the roster, I thought it was important not to put our Kirk into harm’s way running a zone read because our third quarterback was Andre (Roberts) and he hadn’t taken many reps at quarterback.

On the defense and its 10 sacks: 

“That was great. The defense was unbelievable. Ten sacks, Ryan Kerrigan had four, created a turnover, and when we get a lead  — I said it before, I said it to our defense  — when we have a chance to rush the passer, we have some guys who can get after it. Kerrigan, Orakpo, I felt his presence out there, obviously Hatcher, felt him a lot. Chris Baker I felt out there. I even felt Frank Kearse, he had a couple pressures. Obviously Perry Riley on his blitzes, Ryan Clark had a blitz sack. So everybody’s getting involved. They all feel the momentum and they all feel like we have a great opportunity to do some great things from a defensive standpoint as long as we get teams in third down and long and get a lead, which we did today.

On how the team recovered after seeing Griffin III go down: 

It’s what you have to do unfortunately. It sounds like it’s cold, but it’s not: When a guy goes down, and it’s a very tough, physical football game, that’s why we dress 46 guys. We have to almost anticipate certain guys going down and you have to plan for their backups getting an opportunity. When one’s your starting quarterback, that’s something you don’t expect to happen, but once in a while it does. Unfortunately for Robert, it happened. Kirk, he’s been chomping at the bit to get an opportunity to play, and now he’s got it.

On whether the Redskins need roster changes after injury to DeSean Jackson:

“We have a great group, we’ve got Santana who didn’t even dress today. So Santana steps right up, Ryan Grant had some great plays today, he moves up to number three. Aldrick, who I feel is a good receiver, he’s four, then Santana will come in there and compete also. So we’re covered at the wide receiver position if DeSean can’t go.

On his team’s ability to win with Kirk Cousins: 

“I feel like we can win any game with Kirk Cousins. And if DeSean goes out, I feel like we can win any game with Ryan Grant or Aldrick Robinson, and that’s what you have to do. That’s why we take training camp very seriously, try to give everybody opportunities to play. But Kirk, he’s a special guy. He started [three] games last year, didn’t have great success, but obviously he has a skill set that I feel is very well suited to what we try to do, and I think he can handle it mentally. Physically, I feel he can make pretty much every throw in the book, and now we have Colt (McCoy) as a backup, and we feel good that Colt had a good preseason, and he’s a darn good backup also.”

On bouncing back with a big win: 

“We talked about starting fast and getting the home field involved, and that’s what we did … the energy was there. Obviously Robert got hurt, which sucked a little bit out of it, but Kirk coming off the bench and getting us up 14-0, 21-0 was a great start and great for the home crowd.”

Quotes from DeSean Jackson: 

“This one was kind of a little vicious, the pain, but it’s day-to-day, but hopefully I can get back for practice and a big game next week versus Philly. So I’m just looking forward to getting treated and doing the things I need to do every day, coming in and getting my treatment.”

“It’s still early, but I’ll say day-to-day. The way I feel now, the pain’s eased up a little bit, and I look forward to coming back next week and playing. Obviously, it’s frustrating not to finish the game out and go out there and battle with my teammates, but we got the win and I feel good about that.

Quotes from Robert Griffin III: 

On when and how the injury occurred: 

“I did it before the throw to DeSean. I was trying to stiff arm Posluszny, my ankle got caught in the ground, so I just kept it off the ground and made the throw. When I landed, I wanted to look at my ankle because I felt something, and when I looked at it, it didn’t look in a position, so I kind of knew something was wrong then, so I just called the trainers over.”

On the emotions of the injury: 

“You never want to get hurt. You want to be out there and available for your teammates. It was just an unfortunate situation because it wasn’t on a hit or anything, it was just something that happened. But in moments like these you just have to keep the faith, stay with it, and believe that everything happens for a reason and God has a plan. So aside from that, when DeSean came in there, we had a chance to watch the game as fans, and it was great to see everyone go out there and play at a high level. Kirk did a great job. The offensive line protected him, he threw the ball well, all the playmakers out there were making plays. It was good to see our defense get 10 sacks — I don’t know how many times you see that ever, so that was real exciting.”

On seeming to be in good spirits: 

“I’ll get more tests tomorrow, but right now I’m just trying to stay in a good place. Like DeSean was saying, our spirits are high. We’re always thinking positive. So we’ll see what happens tomorrow, and whatever information comes out and know the timetable from there, but right now I’m kind of just focused on Philly. Trying to do whatever I can to help this team win, and help Kirk and Colt go out there and be prepared to play football. I believe and I know a lot of people believe that Kirk is going to go out there and play extremely well, and this team is going to go out there and win games because we have a very good team that’s on that field. One guy doesn’t define this team, and that includes me.

On the pain of the injury: 

“It’s an excruciating pain. I think any time you look at your ankle and it’s in a different direction, you’re probably not going to try to get up. So I was just trying to make sure I wasn’t doing any damage to it, I was just waiting for the trainers to come help me and help me get on the cart to go get the X-rays. Like I said, we’re thinking positive and trying to let the doctors and everybody do their job and help us to understand what’s actually going on with my ankle.

On running the zone read and looking good early in the game: 

“You can sit here and have football talk and talk about taking what the defense gives you, but sometimes on offense you have to take it, too. You have to take what you want. So that was kind of our focus going into the game. We got off to a great start, got on a roll, then of course the injury happened, but the offense stayed in a groove and put up a lot of points on the board. That’s a big compliment to what Kirk Cousins was able to go out there and do, and a great compliment to everybody going out there and rally behind him. As I’m getting carted off the field, they sit there and they tell me that they’ve got me, and that they’re going to play for me. So I appreciate that from my teammates, I appreciate that from the fans and everybody wishing me well.

On feeling good early and the disappointment of not being able to finish that game: 

“I think we were going to have a great day. Obviously, if I was able to stay out there the entire time. But like I say, and like DeSean say, it was great to see our teammates go out there. We had a lot of injuries. A lot of guys had to step up, from Kirk to Niles, to Ryan Grant, Andre Roberts — all those guys did a great job stepping up. We’re all professionals. So when one guy goes down, it’s next man up. But we thought we were on the verge of a big day, but it was still fun to see them go out there and succeed.”

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