Not too long after Robert Griffin III was carted into the locker room early in the first quarter of Washington’s home opener against Jacksonville, a rush of relief came over William H. Wise II.

“The knee. It had to be the knee again,” the 32-year-old Hampton resident initially thought when he saw the Redskins franchise quarterback writhing in pain on the sideline while holding his left leg. A furious scan through news sites and social media on his smartphone quelled his worst fears, confirming, at least in his mind, that the RGIII era had not come to an abrupt end.

“It happened right in front of me and it really looked like he was crying, so I thought it was his knee,” Wise said while standing in the fan concourse during halftime. “When I heard it was his ankle, that was good news because if he tore up his knee again, then his career is probably over.”

It was then that Wise felt comfortable joining the rest of the crowd roaring their praise Sunday as backup quarterback Kirk Cousins completed his first 12 passes and the Redskins built a 21-7 halftime lead on the Jaguars.

The support for Griffin is unquestionable among Redskins fans, showcased by the heavy concentration of No. 10 jerseys lining the stands at FedEx Field on Sunday. But in three short years, some of those same fans have been forced to learn how to cope without Griffin under center, drawing solace from the player selected three rounds after Griffin in the 2012 NFL Draft.

“I’m just glad we kept Kirk,” Wise said. “I love RGIII but I’m a Redskins fan, so I don’t care if we have Rex Grossman or Colt McCoy back there. As long as we’re winning.”

But even as the Redskins steamed to a sizable lead against the Jaguars with Cousins at the helm, for some fans, it still seemed as if Washington was again losing ground on a rebuilding process that began nearly three years ago when the Redskins drafted Griffin, and has sputtered ever since due to injuries and a carousel of coaches.

“Now that I know it’s his ankle and not his knee, I feel a little better, but I want RGIII in there winning for us,” said Marc Lauber, a 40-year-old from Pennsylvania. “He’s the one we’ve invested in as the leader of our team.”

For Sunday’s purposes, however, Cousins took the reins. And as the chorus of “Hail to the Redskins” swelled throughout the stands with each touchdown drive, so too did the whispers of those wondering which of the Redskins quarterbacks is better suited as the starter.

“The bottom line is that the team does well,” said Jody Rutherford of Chantilly. “You hate to see an injury happen to a guy that seems to be a good person, a good athlete. … I’m not in practice every day, so I can’t say who should be the starter. But the fact is that, outside of year one, I haven’t seen much of RGIII as quarterback.”