Jay Gruden didn’t avoid the obvious in his postgame press conference: the Redskins played “abysmally” as he described it. He addressed the poor performance by Kirk Cousins, but was clear that the Redskins had plenty of problems besides just their quarterback.

On the overall performance:

“They came in, they were better prepared, their coaches had them ready to play. We didn’t have our guys ready to play. They outplayed us, in every phase, offense, defense, special teams, third down, they were tremendous offensively, we were abysmal offensively and defensively, and it showed. We turned the ball over six times, it was a dominating performance by them, and congratulations.

On Kirk’s four interceptions in the second half:

“Obviously, when you get down like that, you start trying to force some balls. He was trying to create a spark offensively, there was no spark there, and he just forced a few throws. Poor play calls, poor play design, forced throws, poor protection, good defense.”

On whether he considered pulling Cousins:

“No. Sometimes you need to play through some of these ruts as a quarterback. He’s the guy who’s going to have to lead us the next few weeks, so he’s going to have to pull himself out of it, keep his head up, and move forward to the Seattle Seahawks when we get back.”

On whether there was a common thread between the interceptions:

“I think he was just trying to force them. The first one, he didn’t see one of them, he tried to force one to Ryan Grant on one of them, he tried to force one of the downfield, the one to DeSean he got hit in the chest right as he threw it. A lot of them were forced, he didn’t see people, some of them were pressure related. It’s a combination of things. By no means can we put the blame on Kirk for this game. This was a total team debacle, total domination by the Giants in all phases. We had a chance, we came back out in the second half and got a touchdown to cut the lead, and then the interceptions started to happen. It’s unfortunate.

On the defensive performance: 

“They were great, Eli was great, very efficient. We just didn’t do a very good job on third down really. They were 11 for 16 on third down, and really did a great job of controlling the game and the tempo. They had the no-huddle working, when we blitzed him, he got it out quick. When we didn’t blitz him, they ran the ball pretty well effectively. Their no-huddle was very efficient, very good. And our defense, we gave up some completions we don’t normally give up. We didn’t contest many balls, which was frustrating. A lot of quick slants, a lot of balls that usually we contest at corner we weren’t contesting today. They made some great throws, great catches, but we have to do a better job contesting some throws.

On whether missing DeAngelo Hall hurt the secondary: 

“Well our captain was our best player out there in the secondary for a long time — it’s a big blow, but it’s no excuse. We felt good about our young guys going out there, and they have to learn the hard way sometimes, but they’re going to learn from it and get better from it and hopefully come back the following week and just continue to grow and get better. That’s the only chance we have. That’s who we have, and they will get better. I know the type of competitors they are, and hopefully that’ll happen.”

On whether having extra rest is important: 

“I think we need a little time. We have so many guys on the injury report, obviously, so many guys are going to be in treatment. We probably wouldn’t have enough guys to fill practice for a couple days anyway. We need some rest, we need people to get away and get their bodies healed, get their minds healed, take a step back, figure out what’s important to them, and get ready to roll for the defending champs. Sometimes, a good slap-in-the-face wakeup call is what you need, and hopefully our guys respond. I know the coaches will and I will, we just have to make sure we get our players to respond from the type of game like this.

On whether the quick turnaround was a factor: 

“Obviously we’d like to have a healthier group heading into the game, but they were probably the same way. It’s a Thursday night game. Everybody has one. We just did not come out of the gate strong. Turnovers, lack of turnovers, third down, lack of third down conversions offensively, lack of getting off the field defensively, and then you’re down. Not a lot to say, the game was pretty evident. It was a total butt-kicking from offense, defense, special teams. We just have to regroup, get our guys healthy, and get back to work.”

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