Tampa Bay’s Josh McCown, left, and Mike Glennon lost by 42 to the Falcons on a Thursday night, then celebrated a win in Pittsburgh 10 days later, a situation not that unlike the one in Washington. (By Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

As we follow the NFL, we often tend to focus our reaction on the previous week, perhaps a bit too much. Which might explain why Washington fans (and some players) were riding high after scoring 34 points and nearly winning in Philadelphia, and why there aren’t many positive vibes around the team after the 45-14 blowout loss to the Giants.

One of the reasons the NFL is so entertaining is because it constantly reminds us that we don’t know as much as we think we do. Each week results contain surprises — just last week the Buccaneers bounced back from a 56-14 Thursday night loss to win in Pittsburgh, the struggling Vikings hung 41 on the Falcons team that scored those 56 points the week before and the Chiefs drilled the Patriots on Monday night football.

So if you’re looking for reasons to be optimistic, that’s one; Teams frequently bounce back from bad losses in pro football. A pessimist might say they don’t do it against the defending champion Seattle Seahawks, however.

An optimist might note that Washington, by game time, will have had 11 days to heal up from its various ailments. A pessimist might point out that Seattle is coming off a bye.

An optimist might point out how the cross-country trip to FedEx Field from Seattle is no short jaunt, and any team could surprise another under those circumstances. A pessimist might note that Seattle hasn’t lost to a subpar team since 2012, no matter where the game is played; Their loss this season was against San Diego, a playoff team in 2013, and their losses last season were against Arizona, San Francisco and Indianapolis, which all won at least 10 games. So they don’t appear very susceptible to flukes.

Even our Post Sports Live panel, in their bold predictions, was split down the middle on positive and negative expectations for Monday night:

Vegas, as you might guess, has the Seahawks favored in this one. An optimist might point out that teams favored by 7 or more on the road apparently aren’t a good bet against the spread. A pessimist might point out that the road team often still wins the game.

Last time we did a pregame poll, more than 62 percent of 3,084 voters expected Washington to win. More than 48 percent expected that W by more than a field goal. Only 15.5 percent (478 total) had the Giants by 10 more. This time around, I’m going to guess the number of folks expecting a blowout by the visiting team at FedEx will be much higher. But then again, who the heck knows in the NFL?

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