Here’s what the Redskins’ coach had to say in his postgame news conference following the 34-20 loss to the Jets:

On injuries:
“Trenton Robinson had an ankle sprain and thumb sprain. He did not return. Chris Thompson had a little back Sprain. He came back. [Bashaud] Breeland had a little knee contusion. He came back. And [Ty] Nsekhe had a plantar deal on his foot. He came back.”

On Kirk Cousins:
“I think we all have to improve in the third quarter. The third quarter has been a nightmare for us, and that’s been bad. On the first interception it was a simple three-man concept on one side and then a two-man concept on the left, and he looked right. It was covered. He went back to the left and threw a late ball in the flat against a rolled-up corner, which can’t happen, obviously. They played good defense on that play. We talked about not making plays worse, and unfortunately on that one he didn’t see [Darelle] Revis, and [Revis] made a great play. The second one was third down and long and he took a shot. That one was not as bad, giving our offense a chance to make a big play down the field. Their safety made a good play, [Marcus] Gilchrist. So it was like a long punt actually on third down and long.”

On third quarter:
“Yeah. Yeah. I wish I knew. We had some good drives in third quarters. Just haven’t been very productive, and that’s something I’ve got to address. You know we have a plan at halftime. We preview the second half plays. We talk to the team. They get rested. We show them what happened in the first half. We talk about our plan moving forward. They’re all eager and ready to go. They’re fired up, but we haven’t had much success or results in the [third] quarter. I don’t know. We’ll figure it out.”

On living with multiple turnovers per game:
“We’ll have to look at the film, but I’d like to see what happens when we get our full cast of characters back.  But there are some opportunities there for Kirk to make some plays and I think he missed some throws. He threw an interception that obviously was a tough throw. But we have spent a lot of time and invested a lot of time this season in Kirk, and we’d like to see the film before we move forward with any kind of crazy decisions. But we stand behind Kirk, and we’ll see what happens next week against Tampa.”

On not taking advantage of a good first half:
“You’re right. We had a good first half. They had a lot of yards on offense. [Chris] Ivory hit a couple of runs, and [Ryan Fitzpatrick] threw some good balls and Brandon [Marshall] had some good plays, but we got three turnovers – I think it was two or three – and were able to have a lead at halftime. Everybody felt pretty good. And for whatever reason in the second half we just couldn’t muster anything on offense. We chose to take the wind in the fourth quarter. They had a nice drive to get points on the first drive, and then we went through the pick and then they scored again right away. We went three and out and they scored right away, and the momentum was theirs for the rest of the game. It was a terrible start to the third quarter. We couldn’t overcome it.”

On Cousins’s first interception
“That was a tough play. That was tough. He looked to the right side initially and they clamped it down. It was a basic stick route with our No. 2 and No. 3 receiver. I think they both were covered or he couldn’t see them, one or the other, I’ll check the film out, and he came back late. You know, that’s tough. But he’s not the only quarterback in history to make a poor decision or a poor throw, and it won’t be the last time he does it. He’s a young quarterback, he’ll learn from it and we all will.”

On the offensive line made up of replacements:
“I think they did pretty good. You know the running game was tough. We didn’t get much movement in the running game, and that’s also putting a lot of pressure on our quarterback. It’s a tough, tough defense to run the ball against with our guys, but I thought they played well. I thought Nsekhe played well for his first time and I think Josh LeRibeus, he took control of the game and got the calls out there, which is half the battle. The snaps weren’t bad. I think there were some positive things. I’ll check out the film, but overall, when you only run the ball for 20-something yards … Obviously the standard is not that low. We obviously set the standards high. We didn’t do a good enough job in the running game getting lanes for our backs.”

On missing pieces:
“I don’t like to make excuses about anything. I just know we had the opportunity to play the New York Jets today with 46 abled players and they were better than us. They were better coached, better prepared. But that’s not an excuse that we have some guys injured. I’d love to have them out there of course. [It’s] a couple Pro Bowlers and things like that, but for the most part we had an opportunity to win this game. Throw an interception. Couldn’t get off the field on third down. Couldn’t get a stop here and there. In the second half we just laid an egg, a big egg. So with or without the players, if we don’t change the way we come out of halftime, it doesn’t matter who’s in there. We just have to do a better job of getting more out of our guys in the third and fourth quarter.”

On Cousins’s issues:
“Yeah I don’t know. I’ll have to look at the film. Like I said – also, it was little windy. But, and also, [there was] a lot of pressure on him. There’s a lot of things going on pre-snap that he’s got to deal with, getting the formations and protections and all that. You know last week the Jets had about 15 cover-zeroes [all-out blitzes] against Miami, so we’re always looking out for those and making sure he’s aware of those. They played pretty vanilla today, and I think he hurried in some throws he didn’t have to, or maybe he did. But I’ll have to look at the film. But overall, you hate to pin this game on Kirk. I know he could have played better, but we had no running game whatsoever. Kirk’s not at this stage in his career right now – nor is anyone on our roster – to carry the team throwing the ball as much as we would have had to today.”

On if Cousins is the starting quarterback for the rest of the season:
“Yeah, that’s the intent.”

On the run defense getting worse:
“They had big plays. They had a couple big runs, and that kills your rushing defense. And we got out of the gap one time, they cut it back and [Chris] Ivory I think had about a 60-yarder, a 50-yarder. But you’re right overall. Our run defense has not been as good, and we need to make sure we do better. Ivory is one heck of a back, but that’s no excuse. We did some good things in the running game on defense, but not good enough.”

On if New York’s running game hurt them like Atlanta’s did:
“No. No. No. They get you spread out, and they have a couple of good receivers that you have to adjust to. With all the DB injuries that we’ve had, you can get your extra guys in the box but then you’re going to risk putting some those guys on an island against some pretty darn good receivers, so it’s pick your poison a little bit. But overall, they competed, but we gave up way too much in the rushing game.”

On Ivory’s ability to bounce outside:
“Yeah, there were a couple of times we lost contain. We had the middle plugged up, and then everybody kind of – we made such a focal point on everybody coming to the party and tackling Ivory that sometimes we got out of a gap here and there, and then he did a great job of keeping his feet alive and then making people miss and getting to the outside. So hat’s off to him. He’s one heck of a running back, man. They have a nice offense there with them having Brandon [Marshall] and [Eric] Decker. And [Fitzpatrick] didn’t make many mistakes. So that’s where we’d like to get to, where we have the balance going. I think they had 160 yards rushing and 245 yards passing. That’s ideal. When you can run the ball as much as you throw the ball, we’ve proven that we’re pretty dag good. But when it’s one-sided like it was today, I look at the stats and I could tell you we lost. I promise you.”

On Bashaud Breeland:
“He’s good, man. He’s a tough guy, a competitor. He had some tough injuries he’s dealing with, fought through them, made the good strip and then, obviously the interception. The last touchdown to Marshall was on him, but it looked like he got pushed in the back, but who knows? He’s a great competitor and he’s good for our football team.”

On in the game against Tampa Bay is crucial:
“That’s been made known. It’s a critical game for us, very critical. It’s a home game, number one. You know we’re going to play a very tough, spirited Tampa Bay team coming off a bye again, a healthy Tampa Bay team. That’s critical. It’s a code red for us.”

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