On what was going wrong:
“I don’t know that it’s any one thing to point to. I feel l like each play was its own entity. And some of these mistakes are mistakes that, yeah, they hurt you, they cost you, but they’re not … Our guys are better than that. So that’s where I guess it’s encouraging to know that that was more of a fluke than the norm. So we’ll be able to get back to work this week and correct those mistakes. And this performance I think will give us an edge in our preparation getting ready for the Saints.”

On the drops:
“All of our guys have good natural hands and have made some really tough catches this year, so I don’t see this as a trend or a pattern. I think of this more as an anomaly, and it happens. We’ll move on from it and if anything it will help us give an edge this week.”

On keeping down and distance manageable:
“Yeah I think the challenge when you get to third and 10 or third and nine or third and 10-plus, is you take a deeper drop. Usually now it goes from taking a five-step drop to a seven-stop drop. That gives defensive ends the opportunity to get up the field more and makes it that much harder on a tackle to protect. And so the pass rush can be a little more effective and you got to wait a little longer on the longer developing routes and all of that, plays that roll, but we did convert some of those longer third downs today and I do think that that was something to be encouraged about. We’ll try to stay in third and managables going forward.”

On trailing New England compared to Tampa:
“Every week is tough. You don’t ever want to be in a hole. But we know this team is a great football team, and they’ve earned it for a long time. When you give them turnovers. When you play football that has some errors and some mistakes, you’re giving a good team a really good chance to put you away. So we had said all week that there’s less room for error this week as an offense. We’ve got to capitalize on our opportunities and we obviously didn’t do that enough today to have a chance to win.”

On sticking with the game plan with a two-score deficit:
“You have a game plan going in, and as we know every game dictates how your approach is going to be. And the first couple series certainly changed the process a little bit in terms of understanding we had a bit of a hole to climb out of. But again, I thought we did some good things before the half driving the ball down. Obviously you want to come away with a touchdown there, not of a field goal. I feel like that would have helped. But we moved the ball. It was just sometimes beating ourselves. And then again, credit the Patriots. I thought they did a good job taking things away at times, and that’s why they’re undefeated.”

On bouncing back:
“It’s not a new experience to us. In the NFL you’re going to have tough weeks, heartbreaking losses and you’ve got to always bounce back. And so we know that going into the season that that’s going to be part of the process, so what the answer to you [is] I think the performance today will cause guys to come back on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and really have a great week of preparation and put a great product out there at home next Sunday against the Saints.”

On the standings:
“I think there’s no doubt that we said at the beginning of the year that you never want to have to be playing catch up. You want to be in the driver’s seat and be in control. And you do that by winning games out of the gate. So we’re not in the spot we wanted to be at 3-5. But we do feel like we still have a lot of football left to be played and all of our goals out there in front of us and we’re going to take it one week at a time and see where we are that the end. But not look any further than the Saints. That’s for sure.”

On if the team is way far off or just inches away from the Patriots:
“That’s a great question. I don’t know that I have a great answer, but that is a great question. I think if we look at ourselves and we say, you know, how close are we to a team that’s undefeated and doing everything at a high level? Where do we rank in relation to that? Obviously today we weren’t at that level. But I think it was a good test to kind of see a team that’s doing things at a high level. And like I said, if anything it will cause us I think to come back this week and say hey, if that’s what it takes to do it at a high level, let’s focus in a little more, let’s work a little harder, let’s see what we can do to try to play up to where we know we’re capable, because there is a lot of talent on this team and we’ve got to be able to show that week in and week out.”

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