Redskins coach Jay Gruden leaves a postgame interview in Chicago. (Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press)

On Injuries:
“Derek Carrier, we’re checking his knee. He’ll have an MRI [exam] tomorrow. Morgan Moses, he got checked out at halftime. He came back in and played. And I think that was really the only significant injuries we had … [DeSean] Jackson? Oh yeah, he banged his knee. He came back in, just a little sore.”

On how the Redskins let the Bears back in the game:
“Well, they have a good team, you know? And they’re at home. They’re going to make some plays. That’s just football. We started out fast, they retaliated and we held them off and got the victory. But for us to think we’re going to come out here and score every time and get 15 stops and win 68 to nothing is a little unheard of. But I like the way our team fought. I like the way we overcame some adversity throughout the course of the game. There were some lulls, like you said, that we’ve got to coach them a little better. They made some plays. We didn’t make some plays. But when it’s all said and done, to come out of here with the first road win this year was big.”

On communication failures with Kirk Cousins:
“Yeah it happened a couple of times. And then the one at the 1-yard line, that was just a total debacle. With Carrier out and then Morgan Moses was out, we didn’t have our goal-line package in. And then we were trying to get the personnel right, and the referee never told me that the time was starting. Usually they come grab you and tell you that, but we should have seen it, and that was directly my fault. But luckily, Jordan [Reed] and Kirk bailed me out with a touchdown pass on that one. But overall there were a few issues, but for the most part it was just trying to deal with who was in. When DeSean kind of limped out, we didn’t know if he was up. And Jordan came out once or twice, and obviously Carrier was out, and Morgan, so that was the toughest part.”

On keeping DeSean Jackson in the game before a third-down incompletion:
“Yeah, I mean, he said he was good. I asked him before he went out there, ‘Are you sure you’re good?’ Because I don’t want him out there if he’s not good, because he’s, you know, whatever. But I think the ball was high. From the sideline, I don’t think he could have got that. I think he made a good enough effort, but I don’t think he could have got it.”

On what was different in the deciding moments:
“We didn’t say, really, anything. We did something different. We made some plays. And fortunately they kicked a field goal. If you’re going to play a cover-zero there on third down – they were kicking right around a 47- or a 48-yarder – [Defensive Coordinator] Joe [Barry] dialed up a cover-zero, got the incompletion and then he missed the field goal. But overall it’s just a matter of sticking with the plan, just keep working and grinding and hopefully good things will happen.”

On Cousins:
“He was great today. He was very efficient with the ball. We gave up three sacks, but he had great ball security. He had the one unfortunate interception. He didn’t see [Kyle] Fuller. Fuller made a great play, but overall I think I like the way Kirk managed the game. He made some big throws on some third downs. I think we were 58 or 60 percent on third down, which kept our drives going. Overall it was an efficient game for Kirk.”

On Jordan Reed:
“Well he’s a problem for a lot of people because man-to-man he’s obviously very good against a linebacker, a safety or a nickel, if they want to play a nickel to him. And then zones. He’s very good at reading zones and sitting it down and hooking it up and all that. And he’s a friendly target, quite frankly. So he’s been good for us. Obviously Pierre [Garcon] made some big plays, and DeSean ended up making two big plays. But I think just each week is a different entity. We could get more man [coverage] or more zone, what have you, but Jordan is a big part of our offense.”

On what winning on the road means:
“It means we’re 6-7 and we have another big game at home next week against Buffalo. And as important as these games are down the stretch – home, road, whatever – we have to understand that they count for one. Now it’s time to move on. We have to enjoy this victory for a few moments and get ready to get geared up for a Buffalo team that’s very good, well-coached. We have everything we want. It’s all in front of us. It keeps us alive. It keeps our heart beating, heart pumping. The guys should be excited to come back to work on Monday and the coaches can be ready to get back to work and get a great plan together and have great practices and have a great game against Buffalo.”

On preparing after a tough loss on Monday night:
“I think, really Friday we had a really good week, or day out of the week of practice on Friday. Wednesday I gave them off. Thursday was kind of, meh, and then Friday we really zipped around pretty good, so I felt like they were over it. These guys are pretty resilient guys, and they’re all pros. The opportunity to play on a Sunday afternoon here in Chicago, man, is a great experience and a great opportunity for them. With where we are in the record, 5-7 on top of the division lead, to see that opportunity and take advantage of it is big for these young players and veterans alike.”

On Matt Jones’s catch and fumble off Reed’s deflection:
“We had just a simple bootleg, and then [Cousins] scrambled around there and then threw one up. I really didn’t draw it up like that. Neither did [Offensive Coordinator] Sean [McVay]. It’s really a play that Kirk made and Jordan made and Matt Jones made. It’s one of those things where you’re like, ‘Please don’t’ do that. Please don’t do that.’ And then it’s complete, and, ‘Hey, great play.’ That happened a couple times today. So, you know, it’s a crazy game, man. Not every play that you draw up is going to be how you want it. The results are not going to be what you think. But it’s a matter of those 11 guys out there making plays when their number is called. And sometimes they’re not what you think they will be, but it was a great play by those guys.”

On the running back rotation:
“One day, after a game, you guys are going to not ask me about that running back thing. Like I said before, I really do have total confidence in both of those backs. I really do. And I don’t really care who’s in there. I love Alfred [Morris]. He’s very dependable for us. I love Matt. He’s youthful. He’s strong. He’s fast. They’re both very good backs, and I don’t really care who’s in there at any given time.”

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