Thanks to the signing of Josh Norman, and this week’s NFL draft, there’s all kinds of intrigue surrounding the Washington Redskins.

The mailbag was jam-packed with topics to touch on, and I’ve tried to get to as many as possible.

The discussions range from how Norman fits into the puzzle, how the signing impacts draft plans, Kam Chancellor rumors, remaining positions of need on offense and more.

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Here we go!

With the Josh Norman signing, and obvious holes at safety, is it possible for Culliver to play some free safety? He played there in college and there were discussions of it happening at the 49ers. Also in regards to safety, is it likely for Scot McCloughan to take Karl Joseph with the 21st pick? 

– James Benham-Whyte

I haven’t heard any mention of the Redskins considering moving Culliver to free safety. Will Blackmon and Deshazor Everett, have, however been discussed by coaches as potential candidates to switch positions. I believe the coaches will experiment with them some during offseason practices. Right now, the Redskins don’t know if Culliver will be ready to play cornerback, let alone safety, as he comes off of the second reconstructive knee surgery of his career. That’s why Norman became a priority signing.

I do know that the Redskins like Karl Joseph. But, the 21st pick could be a little early to take the West Virginia safety, who himself missed last season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. I think the most likely move is for McCloughan to trade down, and then, Joseph could possibly come into play.

There’ve been rumblings about a Kam Chancellor trade. It hardly seems realistic, as McCloughan would have to give up picks, and he loves his picks. Do you envision a scenario where both Norman and Chancellor are wreaking havoc in our secondary next year?  What would that trade look like?

– Rohit Raghavan

Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor punches a ball from Calvin Johnson’s grip at a key moment of a Detroit-Seattle Monday night game last season. (Elaine Thompson/Associated Press)

There is no truth to that rumor that the Redskins are trying to trade for Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor, I was told by a team source. I really don’t know where it started. I think it was some type of hypothetical thing thrown out there, and because McCloughan helped bring Chancellor to Seattle, people have gotten excited over the possibility. But, you’re right. McCloughan doesn’t want to part with his draft picks. He’d possibly have to give up a first- or second-rounder for Chancellor. He’d rather trade down, get more picks, and find the next Kam Chancellor.

Has there been any new information regarding Kyshoen Jarrett’s injury? Do we know exactly what/which nerve(s) were injured? Has he been able to rehab at all and, if so, is his condition improving? The guy is an absolute bulldog when he’s healthy and I’d hate to hear there has been permanent damage. 

– Evan Harmon, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Safety Kyshoen Jarrett is walked off the field after his injury in January. (John McDonnell / The Washington Post)

Jarrett hasn’t made much significant progress, I was told. The second-year pro continues to receive treatment for the nerve damage in his neck, which stems from that head-on collision in the regular season finale at Dallas and has severely diminished the strength in his right shoulder. But he still has a long, long way to go. He still doesn’t have a lot of feeling in that side. His weight has dropped drastically because he can’t lift. I heard he has lost more than 30 pounds.

However, he remains upbeat and is doing everything he can to make it back by the start of training camp. Nerve damage is just something that takes a lot of time, though. A return in 2016 hasn’t been ruled out, but it’s hard to imagine it happening.

Are there any updates on a possible contract extension for Jordan Reed prior to the start of the 2016 season?

– Mike Weglian

Tight end Jordan Reed catches a touchdown pass in front of Green Bay strong safety Micah Hyde during the playoff game. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Talks remain ongoing. Prior to free agency, there had been some dialogue, and the two sides weren’t impossibly far apart, but nonetheless still had some ground to make up. Reed changed agents, but it’ll still be a little while before he and the Redskins get something done. They share a mutual interest in reaching an agreement rather than letting Reed hit free agency. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if they agree to a deal just before the start of the season.

This time last year, Trent Williams and the Redskins had engaged in talks off and on, but had yet to hammer out a deal, but midway through the preseason, they got it done. Something very similar could happen with Reed.

How do they plan to use Norman and Breeland in tandem? Will Norman mostly cover the most talented receiver on the field or will Breeland get the slot and Norman the wide out?

– Jordan Zacharia

This is going to be interesting to see how it plays out. Last year, Joe Barry didn’t have one cornerback follow a particular receiver around. He had them line up on their side, and cover who ever lined up opposite them. We’ll see if he does the same, or if he has Norman switch sides depending on where the No. 1 wideout lines up. I’d expect to see a good amount of cover-three. The good thing about Breeland and Norman is they have versatility. They can cover on the inside or the outside. We’ll better know the answer to this question once we’re able to see some practices and how Barry and Perry Fewell have Norman and Breeland working.

Because the draft is deep with defensive linemen and defensive backs, should the Redskins draft a center with the first pick and then focus on D-line help?

– Darrell Gross

It all depends on who’s there at 21st overall, and if the Redskins still even own that pick. It’s very possible that McCloughan trades down. I’d still expect to see the Redskins spend the first two picks on defensive players, however. They need more immediate help on the defensive line, inside linebacker and safety than they do center. That’s not to say they won’t emerge from this draft with a center, though.

Scot McCloughan seems like he wants to draft a QB late in most drafts. What late-round QB’s are possible targets?

– Robert Price

You’re right about McCloughan having a desire to draft a quarterback at some point in the draft. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s in the third- to fourth-round range, or the fifth or sixth round.

Asked about quarterbacks at yesterday’s pre-draft presser, McCloughan said, “There’s never too many quarterbacks. Not saying first round, fifth round, seventh round, a college free agent … Who knows? The thing that we’re going to do is identify, have a value for that position and that player, and that’s when we’re going to take him.”

So, we’ll see. Interesting mid- to late-round possibilities seem to include Michigan State’s Connor Cook, Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg, Ohio State’s Cardale Jones, Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott and USC’s Cody Kessler.

The defense has added some potentially good pieces this offseason. What does the offense need to put Kirk Cousins in a position to avoid being a one-year wonder? Thanks.

– Brandon Katz

The offense needs more consistency in the run game, and health more than anything. The Redskins have a lot of pieces in place on offense. You saw how Cousins & Co. played very well in the second half of the season despite injuries and an up-and-down rushing attack. Throw health and consistency back into the mix, and this unit could be very good.

For the long-term, the team needs to find a center, and another explosive wide receiver. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the team draft both to develop behind Kory Lichtensteiger and Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson this season.

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