GREENWOOD, S.C. – Josh Norman is settling into his new home in Ashburn. There’s one thing missing, though. His horse. The Redskins cornerback intends to bring his American Saddlebred horse, Delta, to Virginia on his 18-acre home site at some point this summer.

The horse was on display in his home town during Josh Norman’s “Fun Day In The Park” event on Saturday, and Norman hopped on Delta’s back for a ride at the end of the event. He said he feels an indescribable freedom when he’s with Delta, who stood taller than the other eight horses at the event.

“I’m able to express myself in a way to where I’m not touched by anything or anyone,” Norman said. “I’m on an animal that’s majestic and can go as fast as I want.”

He bought Delta in 2012 after he entered the league as a fifth-round pick out of Coastal Carolina. During his first four years with the Carolina Panthers, Norman drove 20 minutes to Huntersville, N.C., to see Delta as a method to escape during the team’s off days. The 28-year-old said he would ride the horse during that down time. The horse breed is recognized as one of the oldest in the United States.

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“It’s a big sigh of relief,” Norman said. “Like a big, deep, deep breath of fresh air. There’s nothing like it, nothing like it. There’s a lot of cares and worries of whatever I got going on that just go away completely.”

Norman’s father, Roy, played a big role in his admiration for horses. Roy Norman mucked stalls in middle school for a man that owned horses. He recalled seeing a horse that was blind in one eye and had pink eye in the other and promised himself that’d get a horse at some point in his life.

Including Delta, Roy Norman said his family now owns 11 horses on three farms — one in Greenwood and two in Georgia.

“My momma named me Roy from Roy Rogers on the television,” Roy Norman said. “Then I guess we have Indian heritage with my great, great grandmother being full-blooded Cherokee Indian. I guess it might be hereditary in there somewhere. I just fell in love and said I wanted one.”

The all-pro cornerback said his Ashburn house is currently being remodeled. He’s thought about the possibility of getting another horse to have on his land following a five-year deal worth $75 million that he signed with Washington. Norman is still mapping out his plan for the site, but he intends to bring a piece of Greenwood to the mid-Atlantic with him for as long as he’s in the area.

“If I’m going to buy [a house], I’m going to buy something with some land on it, that’s for sure,” Norman said. “I’m not going to get something with somebody next door to me so when I’m playing music and he tells me, ‘Turn it down.’ No. I don’t need that. I don’t need that. I’m liking it. I’m getting used to it. It’s growing on me. Everything takes time. I’ll be fine with it.”

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