Redskins quarterback Nate Sudfeld’s performance was far from pretty, and he didn’t get much help from his receivers, but there was only one way the rookie could describe the 20-13 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I thought it was a blue-collar performance by our offense,” Sudfeld said. “Really, we walked up with our lunch pails and just rode down the field as much as we could.”

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Sudfeld went 8 of 18 for 72 yards and a touchdown in his first start. He played the entire game as the Redskins chose to primarily run the ball given, the soggy conditions. The Indiana product dealt with a few drops, but he also struggled with his timing in the rain.

“The ball gets really heavy and gets pretty slick but that’s why you gotta practice it in the offseason and during the week so you can prepare for it and understand how to adjust,” Sudfeld said. “Overall, glad we got no turnovers and got the win tonight.”

His best throw was on a 13-yard fade pass to wide receiver Rashad Ross for a touchdown. Sudfeld placed the ball in the back of the end zone after Ross beat the defender off the line of scrimmage.

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Redskins running backs Robert Kelley and Mack Brown had a combined 248 rushing yards and a touchdown on 35 carries.

“[Sudfeld] was stuck in some 3rd and longs, had some drops, but overall managing the football game, protecting the football, getting us into some solid runs based on the game plan, I think he did a good job,” Coach Jay Gruden said. “It wasn’t pretty but when you win a football game in the National Football League, no matter the situation, it’s a helluva thing for the quarterback.”