Trent Williams is no longer vegan. While the Washington Redskins’ starting left tackle still applies the principles he learned during his one-month trial, it’s a difficult lifestyle for an offensive lineman to maintain over the course of an NFL regular season.

“I can do it, but I’ll find myself just losing too much weight,” Williams said during an interview for Tuesday’s feature story. “I know in regular people life, that’s a good thing. But playing offensive line, you have to have some type of girth to you.”

Williams wanted to change his diet after watching “What The Health,” a 92-minute documentary on Netflix that “examines the link between diet and disease.” It spurred the 29-year-old to analyze what exactly he eats, removing elements such as dairy and red meat that he felt were damaging to the human body.

Williams spent the month of July committing to the vegan lifestyle, including when the Redskins reported to Richmond for training camp. But it proved to be a tough task to remain strictly vegan as the regular season inched closer.

“It’s hard because we work most of the day,” Williams said. “You’d really have to make a lifestyle change as far as your meal preps, carrying meals into meetings. You’d have to be diligent and basically eat around the clock. With my schedule, and how much energy is spent towards football, I just didn’t have that much time to do that.”

There are aspects of the diet he still follows, such as avoiding red meat, but Williams said he has implemented other proteins, such as fish, to help maintain his playing weight at 320 pounds.

“It just doesn’t digest as well as I would like it to,” Williams said of red meat. “After going vegan, you start to realize a lot of this stuff and how your body reacts to it now that you know is not the norm. … I’m still a lot healthier, a lot more knowledgeable than what I was.”

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