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NFL investigating after Terrelle Pryor Sr. says he was called the n-word in Kansas City

Redskins wide receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The NFL said Thursday it is reviewing the conduct of Redskins wide receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr. and Chiefs fans during and after Monday night’s game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.

Pryor posted on Instagram on Wednesday that he was the subject of racial slurs shouted by Chiefs fans, including after the game when cellphone video captured Pryor making an obscene gesture to Chiefs fans as he entered the tunnel. The video, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows Pryor being restrained while walking through the tunnel following the Redskins’ 29-20 loss to the Chiefs. It shows Pryor making the gesture to fans in the section near the tunnel and yelling profanities. Pryor stretched out his arm, as if he would fling his helmet in that general direction, but walked to the locker room.

Wednesday evening, Pryor posted the following on Instagram: “Being called a [n-word] several times to the point where an NFL employee had to step to me and stand by me the whole game from second quarter on is the exact reason why guys are kneeling during anthem. I choose not to kneel because as a team we decided to be one and stand, but as I walked in tunnel hearing someone call me a [n-word] and say F you to me. Me flicking the person off is more deserving. I do apologize to my teammates and the organization. But at some point you keep calling us the n-word, we going to start acting up.”

Two witnesses sitting in Section 135, behind the Redskins sideline, said there was a fan in a Chiefs jersey sitting across the aisle in Section 134 that shouted racial slurs toward Redskins players and fans nearby.

Jarred Edwards, a Redskins fan who lives about four miles from the stadium in North Kansas City, attended the game with his girlfriend, Victoria, when they said there was a white man in a Chiefs jersey yelling racial slurs at Redskins players during the national anthem. Their location was confirmed through pictures taken at the game and a copy of their ticket stubs.

“[N-words] need to stand up for the anthem,” Edwards recalled the man saying. Redskins players all chose not to kneel during the anthem after seven did so the previous week following President Trump’s comments about NFL players. “He said it was disrespectful to him, his country and how they need to have more respect. Then he looked over to me and said that I needed to stand, even though I was already standing because we were up taking pictures and stuff. He kept going on and kept going on, kept making racial slurs.”

Both Edwards, who is black, and Victoria, who is white and declined to disclose her last name, said the Chiefs fan appeared intoxicated. Edwards, 26, said the fan’s racial slurs were directed at a group of players and not specifically Pryor.

“[Pryor] was in the vicinity of that, but it wasn’t like, ‘Hey, Terrelle, you’re an n-word,’ ” Edwards said. “It was just a group of players. He was the only one that I guess reacted to it, or responded to it. It seems like others shrugged it off, but it got to him eventually.”

Edwards and Victoria both said two men they assumed were security, wearing suits and earpieces, walked down toward the seats below but later left the area. Edwards said the two men returned again right at the start of the third quarter. Edwards said the two men exchanged a few words with the Chiefs fan, then left the area again.

“A lot of the yelling and cussing was intentionally aimed at the Redskins fans and the players,” said Victoria, 26.

A Chiefs spokesperson said Thursday afternoon that the team did not have information to corroborate Pryor’s story. There wasn’t a complaint logged from any section of the stadium, and the Chiefs didn’t hear from the Redskins during or after the game in reference to the matter.

“The Chiefs have asked their fans if someone did see this happen, or has information about it, we want to know,” the Chiefs spokesperson said. “But to this point, we don’t have any of that information.

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Multiple requests to speak to Pryor were unsuccessful.

Joe Lockhart, the NFL’s executive vice president of communications and public affairs, reiterated during a conference call Thursday morning with reporters: “We are looking into this, all aspects of it.”

He also said: “We have no tolerance for racial remarks directed at anyone in an NFL stadium.”

Lockhart said he did not want to get ahead of the investigation but indicated that if any fans are found guilty of directing racial remarks at Pryor, they would not be welcome to return to an NFL stadium.

“I’m going to refer all calls to the league’s office,” Redskins Senior Vice President of Communications Tony Wyllie said Thursday.

The Redskins are on a bye this week and won’t report back to Redskins Park until next week to prepare for their Week 6 home game against the San Francisco 49ers.

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