Cornerback Josh Norman is entering his third year with the Redskins, and the Pro Bowler has established himself in the upper echelon of defenders in the league. But he says he still has to work on the little things to keep adding to his game. The 2017 season was just the second time in his career that he didn’t record an interception.

“I think [it’s] the little things in everything that you do that become big successful plays,” Norman said, “but also the little things can become big minuses as well. Where you can feel like if I don’t place my hand in the right spot, if I don’t step in the right place, that can lead to going down later on that rip where I’m not able to get out of my break as fast as if I was at the line of scrimmage by knocking [the receiver’s] timing off.

“So, for me, it’s just working on the little things. Being in place is the first part, but finishing the ball should be something that’s already established and ingrained in you. Just finishing those plays that’s out there for us when you’re in position. Each and every time I try to work on that. Now it’s just taking it to another level.”

Norman was specifically addressing a dropped interception during Friday’s practice. He read Alex Smith perfectly and jumped a throw intended for Josh Doctson, but he couldn’t hold on.

“Finishing plays is something that’s taught from an early age going on,” Norman said, “but it’s always something that’s recurring in the game that you always have to work on. You get lazy because you get into those routes and you feel like it’s over because you’re right there. But it’s just that six inches from making a play and not making a play.

“So, yeah, my hands were on the ball. … It’s all good. It touches your hands, DB rule, you’ve got to have it.”

The seventh-year veteran has also taken on a leadership and mentoring role with young players on the team. He’s specifically taken second-round running back Derrius Guice under his wing.

“Me and Guice, that’s my little buddy,” Norman said. “We hang out. Try to keep him on the straight and narrow.

“He is definitely going to come around and he’s going to show some people out. He really is. He’s so eager to learn. He’s just like a kid, energy all day. An energy ball.”

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