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With the outside linebacker again set to miss the season, who needs to play better in his place? What kind of depth is behind the starters? Mike Jones has the answers.

Here's why the two sides didn't come to an agreement, plus answers from Mike Jones about backup running back, the Jimmy Clausen workout and Ryan Grant.

You have questions about that, and whether Kirk Cousins's future contract is affected by Washington's win total. Mike Jones has answers.

It's the dead of the offseason, but you still have questions, and Mike Jones has answers.

How changes along the line could help the defense, whether the team is a Super Bowl contender and reactions to Monday's roster projection.

Mike Jones gives you breakout players, discusses whether Scot McCloughan drafts for need and forecasts Josh Doctson and Vernon Davis's production.

Readers have questions about Washington's running game, its interior offensive line and whether the rookie wide receiver might take snaps from a veteran. Mike Jones has answers.

As offseason practices set to ramp up, you had questions about the depth chart, contracts and how these practices work. Mike Jones has answers.

Mike answers readers' questions about the young safety, the secondary, running-back depth and who could threaten in the NFC East.

We're past the draft, but not yet to rookie minicamp. That leaves you with questions about new players. Mike Jones has answers.

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