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Three days after saying that he wondered if close calls always go against the Redskins because of their controversial name, defensive end claims no recollection of those comments.

Defensive end, frustrated with the officiating, hints that he feels team hasn’t received favorable calls this season because of Washington’s name.

"I always looked at that as something we were proud of," the commissioner said of the Redskins' name. "In that context, it’s not being used as a racial slur.”

Answers to reader questions about the prospect of trading back in the NFL draft, whether last season was more on Jay Gruden than Robert Griffin III and Washington's team name.

The Washington Post's editorial board said it will no longer use the NFL team's nickname, but the policy doesn't apply to news stories.

Virginia governor says during a visit to training camp that as long as the team prospers, he's fine with 'Redskins'.

Mike Jones answers reader questions on why the Redskins won't switch back to a 4-3 front, why The Post hasn't stopped using the team's name and much more.

A roundup of what's being said and written about Washington's team, both as offseason practices approach and as talk about the franchise name reignites.

Bruce Allen writes in letter to Sen. Harry Reid that name is respectful toward Native Americans.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell praised the efforts of Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who on Tuesday presented his new foundation to league officials and his fellow owners.

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