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The Patriots castoff and new Redskins center might take some time to get up to speed, but he brings an attitude and nastiness that will fit right in.

Here's an examination of the how the blocking is affecting the rushing attack.

The Redskins defensive lineman showed versatility that will help his chances of earning a roster spot, if not a key role.

The rookie linebacker/safety hybrid flashed in Thursday's preseason opener.

One Post contributor ventured to Richmond for the first time, and found that the players and media look a lot different from up close.

The fifth-round draft pick is starting off in the middle of the defensive line, and shares with us the key to one of his pass-rushing moves.

Here are a few variations of zone coverages that the Redskins like to use.

To make a roster in the NFL, a player has to carve out a role for himself. If he isn’t a star player or even a starter, he has to find other ways to make contributions and make himself more valuable to the team. For most late-round draft picks, that involves playing hard on special teams and making […]

The second-year outside linebacker improved in the final four games last season, showing pass-rushing moves and counter moves against good competition.

The wide receiver showed in his rookie season that he could be trusted with a big part of the offense, which helps explain why he was successful.

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