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Strict limits on contact between defensive backs and wide receivers highlight rules changes as Redskins prepare for preseason opener.

Owners are to be given a report and discuss the issue during annual league meeting in Orlando. The measure still is expected to be approved in time for the '15 season but there's no pressing need for a vote now.

NFL owners will consider proposals at next week’s annual league meeting to tweak the sport’s instant replay system and make the extra point a longer kick.

Referee would be in contact with league office during replay reviews. Longer extra point could be a preseason experiment but no immediate regular season change is expected. Expanded playoffs is called inevitable but there might not be a vote next week, and racial slurs could be banned using existing rules.

It's uncertain, though, that any new rules will be proposed.

Redskins coach says safety Brandon Meriweather would have had a difficult time playing this weekend even if his suspension had been overturned.

Center suggested that a player be prohibited from pushing a teammate into the offensive formation on a field goal.

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan intends to lobby the NFL when he attends the next league meeting.

Brandon Meriweather is challenging his two-game suspension; A decision is due before Sunday's game.

Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall received a $20,000 fine for his horse collar tackle on Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson in Monday night’s game

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