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Early predictions on Washington's 2014 season haven't been too kind, but this Fox Sports Live roundtable is.

After eight months of waiting, the Redskins are back on the field for the opener against the Eagles. So, who you got, and what's the final score?

The Redskins face the Giants in a meaningful Monday Night Football game in December. What about this game are you anticipating, and who do you see winning and how?

Insider readers take a crack at NFL games this weekend, and contribute things they'd like to see the Redskins do against the Rams.

As the season opener approaches, it's time to make your final, and unique, predictions about the Redskins' season.

With both teams playing with plenty of emotion, who do you think will win Sunday's Redskins-Saints opener?

OPENING KICK | The Redskins were close to nine wins last season, which makes Post users' pick of a 9-7 season not at all outlandish.