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It wasn't immediately clear if the St. Louis Rams planned to reach out to the Redskins for possible trade talks regarding quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Mike Jones answers readers' questions about where things stand in the secondary, some of the offseason moves, and how things work for the quarterback in the area of film study and protection calls.

Fifth-year NFL veteran says he's in Washington to "be the best teammate I can be and contribute in any way that I can."

Gruden said that Griffin needs to learn how to tune out outside criticism, and the coach believes that Williams will help the quarterback grow and do this.

Colin Kaepernick's contract was the first given to the vanguard of young passers sweeping the NFL, and at some point, Washington and Robert Griffin III will be at a similar crossroads.

Redskins quarterback also says he won't make comparisons to last year: 'That question will not be answered.'

Much has been made over the difference in the quarterback's mechanics in 2012 and 2013, so let's examine them.

Robert Griffin III doesn't have the same rust to knock off as he did last season when he was coming off surgery.

The 6-1, 210-pound Rees went undrafted as he capped roller-coaster of a four-year run at Notre Dame with a career season.

Redskins are said to remain adamant they'd want a second-round pick in return.

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