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Precision, strong fundamentals, quick-releases passes and strong running game rank among the attributes of a Gruden attack.

“I know he’s a very smart guy and he can handle everything mentally, so, my fear is I’m going to have too many plays,” the coach jokes of his quarterback.

The play made its season debut Sunday night in Dallas when Robert Griffin III ran it from the Cowboys 9-yard line.

Washington won't run the hurry-up all the time, but only in certain situations

Wide receiver says Griffin missing the preseason didn't help the offense. He also says it's clear to him that Griffin's knee brace is slowing the quarterback and suggested that Griffin's knee might have him second-guessing himself.

The backup quarterback says he thought it was "just too early" in his career for him to be traded.

Pro Bowl left tackle believes that Griffin will find a balance between aggression and caution as his career progresses.

Healthier group expects to put bigger numbers in 2013.

Onus is on offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to develop new wrinkles

The unit was highly productive but Robert Griffin III's injury clouds accomplishments.

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