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Defensive coordinator also says he was pleased with efforts against Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy but Frank Gore, who's up next, is a different type of runner.

Wide receiver Santana Moss said that he took offense to quarterback Robert Griffin III’s comments about what transpired on the game-losing play against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

Readers ask Mike Jones about the quarterback's throwing motion, his development and the line and play-calling that supports him, and more.

Coach dismisses the notion that the Eagles knew what plays were coming.

“You’ve got to make a decision that gives you the best chance to win," the coach said, "and that’s the reason why Robert was in there.”

At 3-7, Redskins players insist that the locker room will not splinter.

Mark Bullock takes a closer look at Robert Griffin III, Brian Orakpo, David Amerson and the offensive line.

  • Mark Bullock
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  • Nov 18, 2013
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No timetable given for completion of league's review.

Here we are again, sifting through the wreckage following another Redskins loss.

Wide receiver initially refuses to speak to reporters, citing an injury, then talks for a little over a minute in a hallway outside the locker room.

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