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The Washington Post

Additional analysis on Redskins running back Alfred Morris and his success using -- and not using -- zone-read plays last season.

Links to Redskins coverage from around The Post.

A Pro Football Focus study shows that Robert Griffin III is one of the league's best at dealing with pressure, and details where it most frequently came from.

This week’s mailbag is heavy on RGIII, with his progression as a player, his recovery and habits among the questions sent in from readers.

The Washington Redskins held their final practice before heading their separate ways until training camp July 25. Mike Jones shares what happened and what he saw.

Quarterback says his rehab will continue while he's on his honeymoon next month, as he aims to be ready to practice at the outset of training camp.

Robert Griffin III speaks after Thursday's practice, we tweet it, you discuss.

Besides Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris, which Redskins under 25 are worth getting excited about? How does Washington's young talent compare with that of its division rivals?

As the Redskins get back to work for this week’s round of offseason practices, we’re going over questions regarding Robert Griffin III’s health and speed, Kirk Cousins’ role, offensive line play, some positional battles and more.

The coach appears enamored with the idea that opponents must prepare for the Redskins' option game whether or not it actually will be used.

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