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The Redskins terminate the contracts of veteran defensive end Adam Carriker and punter Sav Rocca while also waiving running backs Jawan Jamison and Davin Meggett. The team also cut tight end Richard Quinn.

'I shouldn't have called it,' safety says.

Punter Sav Rocca says he threw a pass because he saw Reed Doughty signal for a fake. But the fake wasn't supposed to be on in that situation and intended receiver Niles Paul wasn't looking for a pass.

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  • Nov 8, 2013
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Punter will have operation and rehab in native Australia

Redskins punter Sav Rocca has been fined $7,875 for a face-mask tackle made while in punt coverage against the Dallas Cowboys.

Washington Redskins punter Sav Rocca believes that he continue to kick at a high level despite his knee injury.

The lack of a roster move appears to signal the team believes Sav Rocca is okay to punt Sunday against the Giants.

In Friday's free-for-all, the Opening Kick talks with two Bengals fans, and gets a three-point breakdown from a Redskins fan on what needs to happen on Sunday.

Despite little chance to work on timing, he nailed four field goals in opener against Saints

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  • Sep 12, 2012
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