Round Robin bartender Jim Hewes's list of cocktails representing each of the 44 presidents is an imaginative survey of forgotten concoctions like the Brandy Crusta (Millard Fillmore) or Roman punch (Ulysses S. Grant), along with classic pours of Glenfiddich over ice (Gerald R. Ford) or Maker's and soda (Harry S. Truman). But stories about beer summits and tightly-guarded Honey Ale recipes show us that some presidents -- at least those who drink -- prefer beer over hard liquor.

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So imagined its own list of presidential beer pairings. There's Martin Van Buren paired with DC Brau's Citizen ale, for example, since the eighth president was the first to be born American; and Abraham Lincoln with Deschutes Brewery's Chainbreaker White IPA. Noted jellybean lover Ronald Reagan is paired with Kuhnhenn Brewing's Black Jellybean Mead, while Bill Clinton gets Cigar City Brewing's Humidor Barleywine. "Presented without comment," of course.

Historically low-rated Warren G. Harding got stuck with Natural Ice. And what about the newly-inaugurated President Obama? DCBeer suggests a Pipeline Porter from Hawaii's Kona Brewing Company.

• InaugurALE: DC Beer Staff Imagine Presidential Beer Pairings

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