Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post

Chix has a pretty good thing going as one of the best takeout spots along the U Street corridor. We've recommended it before in Got Plans? and -- full disclosure -- I used to pick up food from there all the time when I lived nearby.

On Monday, Chix hatched a sequel on 14th Street NW between L Street and Thomas Circle. It feels about double the size of the squat, subterranean ordering area at the original outpost, but the menu options are the same. The standard play here is to order 1/4 chicken -- light or dark, prepared in any of three styles (first timers should go for Peruvian) -- with two sides. The standout among them is the fried vermicelli noodles and cheese, but the black beans and rice, especially when topped with Chix's curry-mustard sauce, are superb as well.

Salads, wraps and mixed chicken-veggie bowls round out the menu, which offers a nice break from the downtown lunchtime sandwich rotation. And with all of those Peruvian and Colombian seasonings, way better smells, too.

Chix, 1121 14th St. NW. Open Monday-Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

(Maura Judkis/The Washington Post) Peruvian chicken with sides of chickpea salad and noodles and cheese from Chix. (Maura Judkis/The Washington Post)