Soundtrack: White Stripes, "In the Cold Cold Night."

Clips, stories and other miscellany you might have missed yesterday while doing the Tush Push:

If you got out from under the covers this morning, you made a terrible mistake. High temperatures for the next six days: 27, 27, 30, 31, 29, 31. [Capital Weather Gang]

It's over. We'll see you all again for Inauguration 2017. In the meantime, enjoy the stale Cheez-Its. [Gawker]

If last night's Inaugural Ball had been your wedding, "everyone would walk away wondering whether you ran out of money." [NPR]

Somehow, after nearly 72 hours of this, you people still found the energy to party well into the early hours of Tuesday morning. You could probably use an Emergen-C right about now. [@fritzhahn]

The Canadians showed us how to throw a proper inauguration party with an all-day tailgate at the Canadian Embassy. Was there poutine? There was. [Foreign Policy]

Speaking of which, the Caps are back at the Verizon Center tonight for the first time since May, hosting the Winnipeg Jets. Good news for fans and local barkeeps. [Post Local]

Hank's on the Hill is back in business after a small fire on the building's roof caused minor damage last week. [Eater DC]

There's a new Chix downtown? There's a new Chix downtown! [PoPville]

In praise (well, mild praise, at least) of tora-fugu, the not-so-deadly "deadly" fish. [City Paper]

And because we know the suspense is killing you, here's Soundgarden's setlist from the Inaugural Ball. [Chris Cornell News]