How cold is it in Washington? Krasnoyarsk cold. Sure, our 24 degrees at 11:30 a.m. can't touch Yakutsk, Russia, which is currently at minus-33 (with the added bonus of "ice fog"), but if you look at a list of current temperatures around the world, we're shivering our giblets off with some of the coldest of them. If you are what you eat (and we are very cold), then it's time to nourish ourselves like our frigid cohort, including:


• Current temperature: 28 F.

• What to eat in solidarity: A hearty schnitzel from Kafe Leopold in Georgetown, served with a side of Austrian potato salad.


• Current temperature: 32F.

• What to eat in solidarity: Since the primary language spoken in Ukraine's fifth-largest city is Russian, a warm bowl of borscht from Mari Vanna should make you feel properly Odessan.


• Current temperature: 25F.

• What to eat in solidarity: Poutine is of Quebecois origin, but it's probably the closest thing Canada has to a national dish. The demise of the Eat Wonky food truck was a blow to local poutineophiles, but ChurchKey's Disco Fries come pretty close.


• Current temperature: 39F.

• What to eat in solidarity: If we learned anything from "D2: The Mighty Ducks," it's that Greenland is full of ice, and Iceland is very nice. But it's still called Iceland, and wouldn't you know, D.C. is soon to see its first Icelandic restaurant, called Look, in the former Teatro Goldoni space.


• Current temperature: 26F.

• What to eat in solidarity: An elk or boar burger from Thunder Burger.


• Current temperature: 24F.

• What to eat in solidarity: It's Siberia, brother. You're drinking vodka at Russia House.