One of the spring concert highlights: Taylor Swift comes to the Verizon Center. (Eric Reed/AP)

Washington's museum walls, concert halls, big screens and theater stages will play host to an eclectic line-up during the coming months. The pop music scene alone promises the soothing sounds of a reunited Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift's break-up tirades and aggressive dupstep courtesy of Excision at Echostage.

It's as exciting as it is overwhelming, which is where our critics come in to save the day and illuminate some of the must-see upcoming exhibitions, movies, concerts, plays and dance performances. It's all in the 2013 Spring Arts Preview.

Check it out, and then direct your feedback to our weekly Got Plans? discussion, where some of the critics will join us -- on Thursday at 1 p.m. -- to field you questions, comments and complaints.